5 Splurges That Can Make Kitchen Life Better (and Easier!) in 2022

published Jan 6, 2022
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We rarely recommend splurging. In fact, we typically focus on finding the best sales and deals, discovering surprising ways to save on groceries, and making the most of the items you already have. We know that splurging is not exactly responsible, nor is it always possible. But if you’re able to splurge on something that, say, makes your time in the kitchen better or easier, then it’s money well-spent.

To kick off 2022, we wanted to call out five splurges that can help do just that. Most of these can also help you save money in the long run, too. Let’s take a look.

1. Bamboozle Food Composter

If you’re not composting by now, we really urge you to start. It’s not hard — promise! And this $40 compost bin can help you do it easily and in style! It has a charcoal filter to help with any smell issues and is dishwasher-safe for cleaning between loads. Plus, it’s not half bad to look at. It’s made our list of Kitchn Essentials two years in a row and one of our writers called it the upgrade she wished she’d made years ago.

2. Nama Standing Mat

Consider this some self-care for your feet, legs, and back. Standing on the Nama Standing Mat feels like you’re standing on a bunch of gummy bears. Which is a nice thing to be standing on when you’re peeling your second pound of potatoes. They’re designed to look like trendy rugs, to boot!

3. Chef’sChoice Trizor Electric Knife Sharpener

Moving on from self-care, we have knife care! Take care of your knives! Even the inexpensive ones. Your knives will need to be sharpened from time to time, and this electric sharpener is far easier to use than a whetstone. It has built-in guides to make sure you’re automatically holding the blade at the correct angle.

4. Breville Espresso Machine

Before you balk at the price, hear us out: Multiple Kitchn editors have this machine and swear by it. They say that, in the long run, it’s saved them so much money because they can now make pro-level drinks at home. If you love espresso and espresso-based drinks, and you can afford to save up for this guy, you won’t be disappointed.

5. de Buyer Mineral B Omelette Pan

Even the best nonstick skillet has a limited lifespan. (Eventually, things will start to stick to it.) Carbon steel, however, is like cast iron and will only get better as it gets older and has more time on the stovetop. The material is growing in popularity among home cooks now because it’s lighter than cast iron and heats up faster. This pan in particular is from a French company and, while it’s technically meant for omelettes, it’s good for so much more.