This Versatile OXO Find Can Declutter Any Part of Your Kitchen (It’s Perfect for Small Spaces!)

published Jun 1, 2023
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Someone looking into kitchen pantry.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

As a short person with fairly short arms, a step stool is a permanent fixture in my kitchen so that I can reach all the way into the depths of my upper cabinets — and even the top shelf of my super-tall fridge. More often than not, instead of unfolding my stool, I just resort to reaching for things right in the front row, and I forget about all the items that sit way in the back behind them. On the occasion I actually do need something from the back of my cabinets or fridge, I have to schlep all of my go-tos out of the way just to access them. And, I pack my cabinets to the brim, so this makes for a pretty tedious process.

With all of this in mind, I’ve long known that I need a new strategy to make better use of my space — and to ensure my food and other products don’t go to waste. I don’t know why I didn’t immediately think of this longtime kitchen staple to solve my problem — and to maybe even eliminate my need for a stool — but now that this item caught my eye, I know that it’s my next organization must-have: OXO’s 16-inch Not So Lazy Susan Turntable.

Turntables are a classic for a reason: Decades ago, it started out as a dining table fixture that allowed all guests to reach every dish they wanted with a simple spin. Over the years, these turntables have quickly become organizational godsends — and they work in every area of the kitchen, from the cabinet and the fridge to under the sink and on the counter top. And, who better to trust for a classic product than a classic brand? OXO has delivered high-quality and long-lasting kitchen essentials for over 30 years, and we here at Kitchn are enormous fans — just look at the sheer number of OXO products on our Essentials List.

The retailer’s Not So Lazy Susan is a revamped version of the classic tool that you’ll never need to replace. As its name suggests, this organizer makes every area of your kitchen more accessible with its extra-large rotating surface area. It also has non-slip feet and a deep ledge, so you won’t have to worry about any items toppling off when you give it a spin, and with its ingenious wide-base design, the turntable won’t knock into any nearby items. 

Credit: OXO

Similar to how you can put this turntable anywhere, you can also put literally anything on it — especially those awkwardly shaped things you aren’t sure where to place and the heavy items you don’t want to have to pull out from the back of your fridge or deep cabinet shelves. Many reviewers noted that they loved the turntable especially because it didn’t buckle under hefty items. “I have about 20 bottles on the turntable right now (I probably could have even squeezed in a few more), and I’m surprised by how easily it turns, even when filled with all of these heavy bottles,” one reviewer praised, who said they used it to hold their oils and vinegars.

At only $20, you can start decluttering every area of your kitchen for a stunningly affordable price — and this truly is one product that you can’t have enough of.