The Lazy-Susan Organizing Trick That Every Single Home Cook Needs to Hear

updated Nov 29, 2021
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Lazy Susan in cabinet
Credit: Sarah Crowley

A lazy Susan is a simple addition to your kitchen, and yet, it can make a world of difference in both your organization and your cooking. Take deep pantry shelves, for example. With a lazy Susan, ingredients that would have otherwise gone missing are easy to see and grab. And say goodbye to those disheveled condiment shelves in your fridge: Organizing all those bottles with a lazy Susan puts all your go-to products within reach.

Of course, how you use your lazy Susan is up to you and the organization problems you want to solve. But whether you’re using a lazy Susan in your cabinet, pantry, fridge, or even your bathroom vanity, there’s one rule you need to follow — especially if your goal is to streamline household operations.

This basic-but-ingenious tip comes from pro organizer Caroline Solomon, founder of Neatly Home Organizing in New York City. Solomon told us that she loves to use her lazy Susan on the countertop, lining it with the cooking oils, vinegars, and spices she uses most frequently. But that’s only one part of the process. See, plopping all your favorite cooking ingredients on the Susan isn’t a one-and-done ordeal. 

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Because the goal is to keep your core products visible and within arm’s length, it’s important to be strategic about how you organize your lazy Susan. Solomon suggests keeping all your taller items, like oil, vinegar, and cooking sprays, in the center. Then, place shorter items like your spices and salt and pepper shakers on the periphery so they’re easier to grab in a pinch. If these smaller items are buried in the middle, it will be harder to see them at a glance. You could end up knocking things over during a frantic hunt for the right jar (causing a bigger domino effect!) or you could forget all about it until it spoils.

No lazy Susan in your kitchen yet? Aim for a product with a non-skid surface, so everything you’re storing stays put while the Susan is revolving! Here’s the one Solomon recommends — it’s less than $10 on Amazon, has thousands of five-star reviews, and is a favorite among Kitchn editors, too!

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