11 Beloved OXO Tools Our Editors Can’t Stop Raving About

updated Nov 15, 2022
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OXO kitchen products editor recommendations
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Equipping a kitchen is no small feat. There are the cookware essentials you use every day, like a cast iron skillet and a versatile saucepan. Then there are the miscellaneous (but still necessary) tools and gadgets — the ones you might not even realize you need until you go and roast veggies and realize that ugh, you don’t have a peeler. 

When you need to stock up on those everyday tools, OXO is where you should go. The brand has been making thoughtfully designed kitchen essentials for more than 30 years, many of which are holding court in our Kitchn Essentials list.

What does OXO make?

In a word, everything. OXO makes kitchen tools, gadgets, and even cookware. It all started with the humble vegetable peeler, which founder Sam Farber designed so his wife Betsy, who had mild arthritis, could peel more comfortably. The result was an ergonomic handle that made prep better. Ever since, OXO has been solving those little pain points and annoyances with their smart products.

Is OXO worth it?

If the amount of OXO products in our drawers and cabinets are any indication, yes, OXO products are absolutely worth it.

Not only does OXO make prepping, cooking, baking, and storing better with durable, ergonomic, and thoughtfully designed products, but the products are also built to last — we can’t remember when we had to replace our salad spinner.

OXO products are reasonably priced too, with many small tools and gadgets costing $15 or less. For the price, OXO products are seriously great quality. And the brand stands by that promise: If you’re not satisfied with an OXO product, they’ll replace it or refund your purchase.

What are the best things to buy at OXO?

Whether you’re looking to stock your kitchen from the ground up, replace some tired prep-ware, or just want to add some essentials to an already abundant cookware collection, OXO has you covered. Below, we’re giving a rundown of some of the brand’s most loved-items, many of which happen to be Kitchn favorites too.

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Obviously, the product that put OXO on the map deserves a top spot on this list. You’re probably wondering — what’s so great about a peeler? We’ll start with the ergonomic handle that makes for a comfortable grip you can hold for hours of peeling potatoes, carrots, apples, and more. The sharp stainless steel blade glides through any fruit and vegetable skins, even the really tough ones, and it swivels to easily peel large swaths at once.

As with everything OXO, it’s all in the details with this one. It looks like your average peeler but has smart additions, like a built-in potato eyer, so you can carve out those blemished spots without having to chop off a whole portion of perfectly good produce. There’s a hole on the handle for hanging storage and, best of all, it’s dishwasher-safe and rustproof.

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If you don’t wash and dry your fresh herbs and lettuce correctly, you can end up with a pile of soggy leaves. That's why every kitchen needs a great salad spinner.

This OXO version has all of the smart details that make it easy to use and clean. It’s the compact, smaller version of OXO’s classic Salad Spinner (which we review here and is a repeat winner in our Kitchn Essentials list). It’s a great buy for kitchens of all shapes and sizes — especially those with limited counter space. The bowl has a non-slip base that helps it stay put, and there’s a removable, dishwasher-safe basket inside that drains water from salad greens seamlessly.

While many salad spinners require you to push and pull, this one just features a knob that you press. It also comes with a brake button so you can stop the movement when it’s time to unload your greens and veggies.

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For a sleeker take on OXO's salad spinner, Executive Food Director, Nina Elder, reaches for the steel salad spinner. The interior basket is a durable BPA-free plastic that doubles as a colander, and the lid has the same knob and built-in brake that makes drying greens a breeze. The steel exterior is clean and modern, and looks great on the table as serveware, too. "We break down and wash a lot of greens in our household, so I decided to splurge on this souped-up model. It was totally worth it! The nonstick base really works and the brake stops the spinning on a dime. I also love that you can use the metal bowl for other things."

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Like with the peeler, you're probably wondering why a cookie scoop, of all things, is on here. It's an unassuming tool, yes, but one that comes in clutch when baking. OXO's version (which we review here) has a soft ergonomic grip and a spring-loaded handle to easily release dough with just one squeeze. In fact, former Kitchn Lifestyle Editor Michelle Lau calls it her favorite OXO tool because it's so handy and easy to use for baking. "I rely on it for making perfectly portioned cookies, muffins, and cupcakes! And I have them in both the medium and large sizes."

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If avocado toast is a mainstay in your breakfast rotation, then you'll know slicing an avocado can be a dangerous game. This 3-in-1 tool makes it a whole lot safer. One side features a serrated plastic blade that cuts through the skin and fruit of the avocado with ease. Luckily, it’s not sharp to the touch, so you never have to worry about accidentally slicing yourself. The other side features a fan blade that cuts the fleshy fruit into even slices and scoops them out. In the middle, there’s a pitting tool — all you have to do is pop it on the pit and twist to remove it from the fruit. On top of all of these wonderful features, it’s dishwasher-safe so you can clean up with ease too.

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Tea-drinkers, pay close attention. If you don’t already have an electric kettle, I’m not kidding when I say it will be life-changing. As someone who drinks multiple cups of tea a day, I’m confident in this statement.

First of all, you can heat up water without an open flame. This is great for multitaskers rushing to get ready while simultaneously preparing a morning cuppa — it's just so much safer! While many electric kettles have a clunky, metal look, this one feels sleek with its glass build. It’s also cordless, so you can pick it up from the heating base and pour water as you please. It's equipped with a silicone base, so it won’t leave any water rings on your surfaces.

But the true selling point of this electric kettle is that you can select the exact temperature you’d like your water to be heated to, anywhere from 170 to 212°F. Once heated, the appliance will hold the heat for 30 minutes. This allows for a super-precise tea-brewing experience. It also works great for heating up water for baking, making instant noodles, and so much more.

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Many Kitchn editors were very passionate about OXO's angled measuring cups, and former Senior Recipe Editor Amelia Rampe even called them "THE BEST" — her choice of styling, not ours!

This set includes a 1-, 2-, and 4-ounce measuring cup, which come in handy for baking and cooking projects of any size. They feature clear sides and an angled surface so you can easily read measurements, and thick handles for a good grip even when hands are oily. They also nestle for easy storage.

If you're looking for something smaller, Contributor Patty Catalano reaches for a mini 2-ounce version all the time. "I love so many OXO products, but I use this mini measuring cup every single day. It feels less fussy than digging through my pile of measuring spoons to find the right one. I can use this to mix and measure up to 4 tablespoons of liquid."

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For dry ingredients, former Tools Editor Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm prefers these magnetic measuring cups, a repeat winner on our Kitchn Essentials list. "These measuring cups are amazing! They nest and stick together magnetically for easy storage. And they have comfortable handles and etched measuring markings that are still super visible even after many, many times in the dishwasher."

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We’d be remiss if we didn’t add the iconic POP Containers to this list. These containers have everything you want out of a food storage container. They’re sleek, dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, stackable, and create an airtight seal with a push of a button. These can be used to store everything from flour and sugar to cereals, pastas, and candies. Not only do they make your pantry look tidy, but the clear containers also mean you can easily see what’s inside and find exactly what you need.

You can even use these in your garage, bathroom, or closet to organize toiletries and other small essentials. They’re versatile, durable, and a great way to store your favorite kitchen staples in style.

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After testing more than a dozen nonstick skillets, former Tools Editor Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm deemed this one from OXO the very best (also a repeat Kitchn Essentials winner). The 12-inch surface provides more than enough space for omelets, crêpes, meats, and veg while still being lightweight to handle.

"This was the winner of our extensive nonstick skillet testing and it's truly everything you want from a nonstick skillet and nothing you don't: A slick, durable nonstick surface, a comfortable handle, and sizable walls to contain food. If you're in the market for a nonstick skillet, this is a top-notch choice," said Gemperlein-Schirm.

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We never use metal utentils with our nonstick cookware and our go-to silicone-tipped tongs are — no surprise here — from OXO. These come in a 9-inch or 12-inch length, but if we had to choose just one, we'd go for the longer length for more versatility. The silicone tips protect the nonstick surface and won't bruise greens or cut into roasted vegetables, while the stainless steel provides durability.

Groceries Editor, Mara Weinraub, uses these whenever she's roasting vegetables. "Flipping, say, an entire pan of broccoli or asparagus, midway through their cook times, always gives me anxiety. (Shut the door! You’re losing heat!) These tongs are my go-to for those quick flips. I’m also guilty of resting utensils on the side of hot pans ... and these pass that stress test as well."

Do you have a favorite OXO tool? Share them in the comments below!