I Tried 6 New-to-Me Fruits and Here’s What I Thought

updated May 1, 2019
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Welcome to our Healthy Habit Challenge! Instead of focusing on (impossible-to-keep) New Year’s resolutions, we challenged four writers to start a new healthy habit. These challenges aren’t about cutting out sugar or going on a diet, or focused on the negative. They’re about doing something new and good — and making it second-nature. Here’s how they went.

Last time we talked, I vowed to break out of my pitiful shopping routine procuring the same four items — apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, and string beans — and buy produce I normally would avoid. My goal was to add at least three new foods every time I went grocery shopping.

Did I manage to shake up my shopping list? Did I sink my teeth into something more exotic than a Honeycrisp apple? Or did I collapse in a heap by the banana display, overwhelmed by my produce choices? Let’s find out!

My healthy habit challenge was, in some ways, a huge success. The challenge was to try new things, and I did! I tried so many new things, in fact, and with such different responses, that it seemed right to split my learnings in two: fruits and vegetables.

First up, fruits!

I Tried 6 Fancy Fruits and Here’s What I Thought

My local Wegmans has a fabulous international fruit section. I’d normally be too intimidated to buy anything, but because I was embracing this challenge, I dove in. I snapped up a horned melon, a prickly pear, a papaya, and a starfruit, among a few other fun fruits.

The first thing I noticed: Fancy fruits are pricey! The papaya and the starfruit cost $3.49 each and the horned melon was a whopping $5.99. For one! Price is one of my biggest obstacles to trying new fruits, but for the sake of the experiment, I set my concerns aside and tossed the fruits in my shopping cart, hoping for the best.

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First up was the horned melon. I cut it in half, squeezed the sides and slurped the seeds out. It tasted like a cross between a cucumber, banana, and kiwi. Was it worth nearly $6? Probably not, but it was fun to try something new. I mean, how often do you get to slurp your fruit? It was a novel experience.

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Next I tried the prickly pear, which was priced at a more reasonable 66 cents a piece, thankfully. I’ve had prickly pear margaritas in the past, so I figured this fruit would be a cinch. I was very wrong. In fact, eating this fleshy fruit was a disaster. Not only did the tiny needles on the outside of the pear irritate my fingers, but the fruit was also nearly inedible because it’s packed with hard seeds. I ended up spitting it out and feeling like a failure.

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The papaya I chose was lackluster, mushy, and unappealing. I tried to finish this massive fruit because it was one of the pricier pieces of produce, but I didn’t enjoy it. Although I was disappointed, I reminded myself that this was the whole point of the challenge: to expand my culinary horizons. I soldiered on with my last pick.

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The starfruit’s yellow flesh was crisp and tart. It didn’t blow my mind or anything, but it was refreshing. I could see the star shapes being a fun addition to cocktails or a quick way to jazz up a fruit salad. And I was able to finish it, which was saying a lot compared to a few of the other fruits I picked. It was a good note to end on.

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Later in the week, I picked up a pomelo at Trader Joe’s. It’s a large, green fruit as big (or bigger) than a grapefruit. Confession: I really didn’t want to eat this pomelo. It sat on my countertop for a few days and I couldn’t bring myself to give it a taste. Finally, after my boyfriend threatened to throw it out, I finally cut into it. To my surprise, the rind was light and foamy, and the fruit was extraordinarily fragrant. I was expecting a tart, bitter grapefruit taste, but the pomelo was mild and sweeter. I really liked it!

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I had the opposite experience with these baby bananas. I was very excited about trying them! Look how cute they are! I imagined they’d be sweeter than regular ol’ bananas and perfect for adding to smoothies or a quick snack. Wrong! Unfortunately, the baby bananas tasted bland and dry. One bite was all I could stomach.

What I Learned from Trying Fancy Fruits

My journey into exotic fruits was a mixed bag. I’m glad I got the chance to sample new things, but between the high price tags and the uneven results, I’m not sure I’d incorporate any of these fruits into my normal routine.

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