Ham Company Finds Out the Most Popular Thanksgiving Leftover Is Definitely Not Ham

published Nov 16, 2018
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You’d be hard-pressed to find somebody who’s favorite Thanksgiving dish is ham — or even turkey, if we’re being completely honest about who actually is the star of the holiday table (sorry, turkey fans).

While the main dishes are welcome additions to the smorgasbord that is the Thanksgiving lineup, the real stars of the table are the side dishes: mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and, my personal fave, stuffing. Unfortunately, that’s what a popular ham company found out when they asked America directly.

According to The Takeout, Honey Baked Ham Company wanted to figure out the most popular Thanksgiving leftover dish in every state. “To celebrate the launch of their new heat-and-serve side dishes, The Honey Baked Ham Company conducted a nationwide survey to determine each state’s favorite Thanksgiving leftover side dish.”

The survey was done on Honey Baked Ham Company’s behalf by MMR Research, polling 5,106 Americans representative of age and gender in all states and the District of Columbia. And judging by the results, that survey was completely unbiased, because absolutely nobody chose ham.

(Image credit: The Honey Baked Ham Company)

Sadly but also hilariously for the Honey Baked Ham Company, a meatless dish was chosen as the favorite leftover in most States. Stuffing was by and large chosen as the most coveted leftover with 31.1 percent of Americans saying the bread dish was their absolute favorite. (Add me to that list.)

In a distant second, mashed potatoes we’re given as the answer in two states, Colorado and Washington, and sweet potato casserole came in a yet distant third. Green beans, mac and cheese, and cranberry sauce rounded out the list with single-digit percentages, although to be honest cranberry sauce should be higher up on the list considering the existence and popularity of the Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich. Come on, people.

If you’re wondering why the Honey Baked Ham Company would reveal such embarrassing results for the Honey Baked Ham Company, notice that they conducted this poll to announce their side dishes, which include mac and cheese, a mashed potato dish, and, yes, cornbread stuffing.

Turns out that while ham might not be the most popular dish on your table this Thanksgiving, Honey Baked Ham might be the most forward-thinking.