Great Jones Just Launched a Game-Changing Gadget That Does the Work of Four Kitchen Tools (and Saves So Much Space!)

published Oct 19, 2022
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Credit: Lana Kenney

As the weather continues to cool, our meals continue to cozy. Whether it’s soups, anything pan-fried (I’m thinking about my mom’s milanese right now), or pasta — it’s “out with the sun and in with the yum,” as I always say! And, while many of our beloved fall and winter recipes do require a trusty and versatile stock pot, there’s also a few other tools you’ll want to make sure you’ve got at the ready for all of the hearty and delicious meals ahead. For example, you’ll need to have a do-it-all nonstick pan on deck, a top-notch enameled cast-iron piece (we’re looking at you, Le Creuset), and, of course, you’ll need something durable and timeless for all your baking adventures.

While we here at Kitchn have our home kitchens stocked and ready for any and every cooking task (no matter the season) there’s one essential none of us have, but all of us want. Why? Well, because it hasn’t existed until today. And, yes — we will all be ordering it because, like I said, we like to have all the tools ready to rock. So, what is this mysterious must-have find? Meet the newest launch from one of our absolute favorite kitchenware brands, Great Jones: the Full Steam Duo.

This duo is comprised of two four-in-one pieces, one small Full Steam and another large Full Steam. The four tools which these Full Steams replace include a steamer, a colander, a splatter guard, and a trivet. They’re designed to fit exactly inside and perfectly on top of Great Jone’s timeless cookware pieces. If you don’t own any Great Jones’ cookware yet, fret not — these high-quality tools work with practically any sized pot or pan, especially because they come in two sizes.

Now, because the handy pieces are crafted from food-grade silicone (that’s free of any BPA, BPS, or other scary chemicals) and reinforced with stainless steel, you can expect them to hold up superbly to the continual heat of boiled water, splattering oil, or the bottoms of hot pans (they’re heat-resistant up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit). The steel reinforcements ensure the helpers can handle a large load (we get it, pasta for four is really pasta for one) and the silicone construction means the Full Steam can fold down for super-easy storage. That means no more trying to find room for that huge metal colander.

In signature Great Jones’ style, the duo is a two-toned color bonanza. Choose from a Blueberry/Raspberry color combo, as pictured above, or a green and yellow iteration, Broccoli/Mustard. The fun hues make dinnertime less of a hassle and more like an art project. Plus, the pop of color — when used as a trivet atop the dinner table — makes for a mod, nouveau tablescape!

Bottom line: If you cook anything at all this fall, the Full Steam Duo is a no-brainer. Not only will you be able to clean out your cabinets and get rid of the four, bulky tools these pieces replace, you’ll also be able to cook with ease and style. And, dare we say, we think this duo makes for a great gift. In fact, we’re adding it to our holiday shoppings lists right this moment.

Buy: Full Steam Duo, $80