Le Creuset Just Launched a Stunning New Color That’s Perfect for All the Holiday Cooking Ahead

published Oct 13, 2022
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LC Rhone
Credit: Le Creuset

There’s no doubt about it, the holidays are right around the corner. In fact, some of us are already menu planning for holidays that are over a month away, but what can we say? The food is usually the highlight of those gatherings, and in order to execute top-notch meals, we know we need the very best when it comes to kitchen essentials in order ease the process and enhance the result. In other words, right now, we’re stocking up on our favorite pantry ingredients, smarter food storage solutions, vacuums to help us clean up in a jiffy, and a little something to sip on while we cook.

But, when it comes to cookware, there’s no denying that we’ve got a special place in our hearts for fan-favorite brand Le Creuset. I mean, these makers have been serving up trusted, durable, and totally stunning cookware to home kitchens for more than a century now, and the brand is the definition of “tried and true.” This week, they launched an all-new hue that’s going to look so good atop our holiday tablescapes. The deep, lustrous cranberry hue is reminiscent of holiday meals in and of itself — but even though we’re all excited about those festive meals ahead, the new color, Rhone, promises to do aesthetic wonders in our kitchen all year round.

There are six classic Le Creuset cookware pieces newly available in Rhone, including one of our all-time favorites: The Classic Skillet. Like all of the brand’s enameled cast-iron cookware, the skillet is crafted in France with only the highest-quality materials, ensuring even heat distribution and retention. That’s especially important in a skillet, because they lend themselves well to getting that browned sear on meats and making sure sautéed veggies are cooked the same all the way through. It also has two spouts on either side so you can quickly drain excess fat or liquid with minimal effort. Effective and efficient, if you ask us!

The black satin interior enamel is especially designed for handling high heat, gains seasoning over time like a traditional cast-iron pan, and is practically nonstick so you can count on an easy cleanup. It’s safe for use with metal utensils, good up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven, and fine to take a spin through the dishwasher. Oh yeah, and it’s $55 dollars off right now. Basically, what more could you ask for from a skillet?

Maybe you’re all stocked up on skillets, but are in the market for a Dutch oven. Well, time for that search to end. Le Creuset’s Dutch oven is the brand’s signature item, and the first piece they ever sold all those years ago. In Rhone, the Dutch oven is available in multiple sizes, but we suggest the 4.5-quart model if you’re looking for an essential that stows away easily and can tackle family-sized meals, soups for the week, and crunchy boules of sourdough.

The top-of-the-line, cast-iron body is coated on both sides with ceramic enamel. On the exterior, there’s the head-turning, royal Rhone hue and on the flip side the classic cream, which has an inherently nonstick, extremely durable interior. Its tight-fitting lid retains moisture for succulent roasts and perfectly cooked grains and it’s compatible with all stovetops and ovens. A piece as gorgeous and versatile as this is bound to hold permanent real estate atop your stove, especially as the cold weather ushers in all those cozy recipes.

Now, a braiser may be a lesser known piece of cookware, but hear us out, because this handy pan is about to become your cooking BFF. Traditionally, the piece is used by getting a nice sear on meats, then adding in liquid (the domed lid will help to lock in moisture for extra-juicy results), and finally sticking the whole thing in the oven. No other piece on the market can tackle those cooking steps quite as well, but this must-have item doesn’t stop there. It doubles as a skillet in a pinch, seamlessly browning chicken thighs and stir-frying rice — but, it also makes for a stellar casserole dish, a vessel for fried foods, and an easy way to steam fresh veggies.

Long story short, there’s really no better excuse to finally invest in some Le Creuset (or add to your growing arsenal) than the launch of a new hue, especially one this stunning and this timely. The deep, dark red is bound to put a smile on your face no matter which piece (or pieces) you opt for. The bonus? They’re beautiful enough to bring straight from oven to table for all those holiday meals — and who can say no to fewer dirty dishes?