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It’s Pasta Month! Here Are the Cuts Our Editors Are Celebrating With Right Now

published Sep 21, 2022
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someone is stirring pasta in a pan with tongs
Credit: Photo: Kristin Teig; Food and Prop Styling: Catrine Kelty

ICYMI, it’s pasta month — aka, our favorite time of year. I don’t know know about you, but here at Kitchn, we’ll look for any and every excuse to eat more saucy, cheesy, and utterly delicious carbs. In other words, we usher in these four weeks dedicated to pasta-eating with much anticipation and joy — and with empty bellies. In fact, we’re so invested in the perfect bowl of pasta, we’ve invested a heck of a lot of time discovering the best pasta-specific cookware. We’ve also unlocked the secret to perfectly seasoned pasta by utilizing one, very essential ingredient, and we’ve even got the inside scoop when it comes to making restaurant-worthy pasta at home.

So, because we’ve certainly done our fair share of pasta making — and more than our fair share of pasta eating — I decided to chat with the team and pull together our must-have pasta boxes and bags in honor of National Pasta Month. Check out the cuts we just can’t get enough of below:

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A favorite among the entire Kitchn staff, Sfoglini certaintly puts out some scrumptious cuts (most recently they've teamed up with Diaspora Co. for a Turmeric Reginetti, yum!). But, the one box of pasta that's forever in our editors' pantries? Sfoglini's Castcatelli. And they all concur, the cut's got superior "forkability," "saucability," and "toothsinkability." Sounds like one un-missable pasta if you ask me!

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As a celiac, I can confidentally say, there are very few good gluten-free pastas on the market. That being said, if I may be so bold, allow me to declare: ZENB is the hands-down best GF pasta I've tried (you'll even catch my gluten-eating family chowing down on the stuff). Made with 100 percent yellow peas, the texture is springy and has great mouthfeel. Plus, the ridges of this particular cut, Rotini, do an exceptional job of catching all the saucey, cheesy goodness.

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As it turns out, pasta can be made with just about any kind of noodle, and sometimes it's even better that way. Ian Burke, our senior commerce editor at Kitchn, uses these fun, instant ramen noodles as the perfect base for any pasta dish. "While it's definitely ramen — it heats up in just four minutes and comes with its own flavor pack — the pasta is firm, flavorful, and compatible with all sorts of different sauces." Easy and delicious? I'm in.

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There are are some pasta dishes, cuts, and brands that'll forever hold a special place in one's heart. For Sarah Vazquez, our SEO commerce director, that memorable cut is Angel Hair, specifically Colavita's Capellini. "The 100 percent Semolina wheat makes it especially delicious and my family and I go through so many bags of this specific pasta during the winter when making Sopa de Fideo, aka Spanish chicken noodle soup," she shared. "It’s quite literally the perfect pasta for soup!"

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A while back, Kitchn contributor Meredith Schwartz had the good fortune of eating handmade pasta on the daily. "I was lucky enough to work at Raffetto’s, a Greenwich Village staple since 1906 that supplies local restaurants and home cooks with the best (and best-priced, might I add) freshly made pasta," she says. These days, she doesn't work there anymore, but she still confidentally reps the brand. "The special thing about Raffetto’s pasta is not only that it’s made fresh daily, but that they have infused flavors. The pasta possibilities are truly endless with their Choose Your Own Pasta Variety Pack." Run, don't walk — pasta night awaits you!