Should I Remove the Crusts Before Making Bread Crumbs?

published Sep 29, 2010
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Q: When people talk about making their own bread crumbs, I always see that the crusts must be removed.

Why? What would happen if I didn’t remove them?

Sent by Sara

Editor: Sara, I actually almost never remove the crust. My guess is that many guides suggest this because they are directing you to make finely-textured and soft fresh bread crumbs. Using only the inner part of the bread will give you fine, soft, white bread crumbs without any harsh dry bits. The color will also be more uniform.

However, most of the time I am toasting the bread first anyway, and I want all the crumbs to be quite dry. Leaving the crust on makes no difference.

Readers, any tips on this? Do you remove the crust before making bread crumbs?

(Image: Elizabeth Passarella)