15 Super-Sweet Gifts for Anyone Who Loves Chocolate

updated Nov 15, 2021
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Credit: Dana Velden

Know someone who could easily lick this spoon clean in less than half a second? Yeah, us too. That’s where this chocolate-centric gift guide comes in! And it can even be helpful if you’re shopping for someone you don’t know too well. See, chocolate is a classic gift that’s usually a pretty safe bet. It’s also something that most people don’t splurge on for themselves, so getting a box of top-of-the line confections or a bar with an interesting new flavor combination is sure to be an exciting revelation when they rip the paper from your gift.

Plus, chocolate has been scientifically proven to have mood-boosting abilities, so something on this list could be the perfect treat to help you finally win over your MIL, thank your local delivery driver, or spoil a teacher who you know is having a heck of a year. You can also just treat yourself to a little something special.

Chocolate to Eat & Drink

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Fact: Most things taste better when covered in a robe of chocolate. This sampler lets the recipient try six of these types of confections from renowned chocolatiers from all over the county. The box is loaded with ridiculously fun goodies, but we can’t get enough of Jacques Torres’ chocolate-covered Cheerios or the malt balls from Askinosie Chocolate.

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Chocolate cake or cheesecake? With this over-the-top creation no hard decisions are needed. Brooklyn’s famous Junior’s Cheesecakes sandwiches a rich cheesecake between two layers of decadent devils’ food cake. Trust us, it’s as indulgent as it sounds.

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Levain Bakery

If you know, you know. And if you don’t, it’s a good thing you’re reading this. Levain Bakery makes some of the best cookies around, and their thick chocolate chip cookies with a perfectly chewy center are pretty hard to replicate in a home kitchen. Luckily, they can be shipped anywhere.

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We’re suckers for good packaging and these bars do not disappoint. They may not even need to be wrapped! Of course, what’s on the inside is just as good. A variety of options are available from this Icelandic purveyor, but true chocoholics will appreciate the dark sampler with bars from Tanzania, Madagascar, Nicaragua, and Tanzania.

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PB&J, Champagne and caviar — some things just go together. Coffee and chocolate are no exception. These medium-roast ground beans combine the two flavors in such a way that drinking a cup tastes like sipping liquid truffles. Good morning, indeed!

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There’s a little something for everyone in this gift box from the well-loved chocolate brand. Recipients can take their pick from milk, dark, white — or, our favorite, milk chocolate caramel — then share the rest. Or not!

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Seed + Mill

Halva is great on its own, but add some chocolate and it's even better! This sampler from New York City’s Seed + Mill has four tempting flavors including dark chocolate orange, dark chocolate and toasted coconut, marble, and dark chocolate and sea salt. It’s a great little treat for an office buddy or a nice thank you for someone who has helped you out this year.

Baking with Chocolate

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Premium ingredients can make such a difference during a baking session — especially when it comes to chocolate treats. This unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa powder is considered the gold standard by lots of home bakers, and also a favorite of many pastry chefs we know. It also made our list of Kitchn Essentials this year.

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Uncommon Goods
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Know a budding chocolatier? Let them show off their skills with this kit that includes everything they need to make ooey, gooey truffles at home. The kit includes a variety of flavors to customize the treats including coconut, peppermint, Himalayan sea salt, and more.

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Williams Sonoma

Heat is the mortal enemy of chocolatiers. This marble slab will stay cooler than the ambient temperature, making it easier to temper chocolate or craft the perfect fudge. It’s also a great item to have around for rolling out dough or an ideal (albeit heavy) base for an impressive cheese board.

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A double boiler allows the user to melt chocolate with indirect heat, making it less likely to burn. This one has a handy stay-cool handle and will fit a variety of pot sizes.

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Next-level bakers who work with chocolate know that temperature is the key to getting the results they desire. This colorful thermometer delivers big, as in with a big display that’s easy to read and those results come super fast (in just 3 to 4 seconds).

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A staple in so many kitchens, this nonstick silicone baking mat is a must-have for anyone who works with chocolate. We’re talking chocolate bark, truffles — all the good stuff. If you have a serious baker in your life they probably already have one, but trust us, they would love another one.

Just for Fun

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Most people either like Nutella or they LOVE Nutella. If you know someone who falls into the later category, help them show off their affection for the beloved hazelnut spread with this novelty AirPod case. Just be careful that they don’t try to eat what’s inside!

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Pink Olive

For your friend who'd drink hot chocolate all day long if they could, this soy candle smells like a cup of chocolatey goodness. It'll burn for up to 60 hours, which is five 12-hours days for the truly devoted.