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The 100 Best Groceries to Buy Right Now

The 100
Best Groceries to
Buy Right Now

After *hours* of tasting, testing, and debating the foods we buy every week — the sauces that make a weeknight dinner more fun, the frozen finds we’d be lost without, the best budget buys — and asking readers to weigh in with their favorites, we’re sharing The Kitchn's Grocery Essentials: Our guide to the most exciting and necessary groceries on shelves 🛒

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. All prices were accurate at the time of publishing.


1 /
The Peanut Butter

We’ve always got a jar of peanut butter close at hand, whether it’s for an afternoon PB&J or a batch of sesame noodles. “This peanut butter is perfectly smooth, doesn't separate or require refrigeration, and tastes just like the peanut butter of my childhood,” says our Senior Recipe Editor, Christine.

2 /
The Preserves

Bonne Maman has amassed a devoted following of jam-lovers for its line of preserves — and wildly popular advent calendar! We particularly love the raspberry and mixed berry flavors as much for what’s in them (big chunks of lightly sweetened fruit) as for what’s not (high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, or preservatives).

3 /
The Tahini

This tahini's silky-smooth texture and bold, nutty flavor make sister-owned brand Soom a favorite among The Kitchn editors. Just give it a quick stir, and you can easily add it to a lemony-tahini dressing for chicken shawarma or chewy blondies. Follow the lead of our Recipe Production Coordinator, Justine, who says, “This is a Soom house.”

4 /
The Kimchi

Slow fermentation is the key to Mother-in-Law’s Geotjori-style kimchi, which boasts long, tender strips of napa cabbage with a blast of funky umami flavor. Our Editor-in-Chief, Lindsay, particularly appreciates MIL’s tanginess. Try it in our cheesy kimchi oatmeal — breakfast will never be the same.

5 /
The Seasoning Blend

Rim a cocktail or mocktail glass! Sprinkle it on watermelon, corn, or fruit kebabs! Tajín, the TikTok-beloved mix of zesty chiles, lime, and salt, makes everything a little better. Pro tip: Our Staff Writer, Patty, recommends stocking up on the seasoning blend at Costco.

6 /
The Curry Paste

“I have a box of this Japanese curry mix in my pantry at all times," says our Shopping Director, Jada. "It's something I picked up from my mom. It's such a comforting dish, and it works for any meal and with any produce and meat I have in the fridge.”

7 /
The Broth Concentrate

Our Senior Food Editor, Kristina, says she’ll never go back to boxed stock after falling for Better Than Bouillion Roasted Chicken Base: “I love how long it lasts. It’s less pricey in the long run, plus it takes up less space in the fridge than a box.”

8 /
The Salad Dressing

The Kitchn editors and contributors alike swear by Kewpie mayo for its rich, creamy, tangy, and sweet qualities, which are on full display in this Kewpie-based sesame dressing. The dressing adds a wonderfully full roasted sesame flavor and crunchy, seedy pop to the mix. Try marinating chicken in the dressing overnight before grilling.

9 /
The Salsa

This simple but flavorful salsa with a hint of spice is just right for a quick huevos rancheros or for pairing with your favorite tortilla chips. “Jarred salsa can be tough,” says our Editor-in-Chief, Lindsay. “With herbs and pasilla peppers, this one will remind you of your favorite taqueria.”

10 /
The Chili Crisp

The Kitchn editors are big chili crisp fans and reach for the biggest jar possible of this repeat winner. Our Senior Food Editor, Kristina, says, “Of all the chili crisps I've tried, nothing comes close to this, in my opinion.” This balances heat with warm spices and crunchy bits and is equally perfect for dumplings or a whole roast chicken.

11 /
The Olive Oil

It seems like olive oil is in just about everything we make, so naturally we go through a lot of the stuff. Our Senior Contributing Editor, Sheela, says, “The price is right for this 100% California olive oil; it's a great choice for cooking.”

12 /
The Sesame Oil

Founded in 1858, Kadoya has over 150 years of experience using a unique method of roasting and crushing sesame seeds to produce an oil with a robustly nutty flavor. Our Shopping Director, Jada, says, “This is the one I grew up with and only one I'll buy.”

13 /
The Pasta Sauce

Crowned the winner in this category for three years and counting, this marinara is the holy grail. “I’ve never tasted a jarred sauce that could pass for homemade as easily as this one could,” says our Staff Writer, Patty. It happens to be available in bulk at Costco, and you’re definitely going to want to stock up.

14 /
The Simmer Sauce

Add your choice of protein and/or veggies to this jar of Indian simmer sauce inspired by the flavors of black pepper and coriander characteristic of the Chettinad region, near Madras, and suddenly you’re staring down a chef-quality meal that came together in about 30 minutes. Not bad for a busy Tuesday night.

15 /
The Fish Sauce

Red Boat has taken the honors in this category for the past two years because it’s simply the best fish sauce out there. With its complex, tangy, satisfyingly savory flavor, it’s the pantry staple you need to amp up marinades, sauces, vinaigrettes, curries, and even dark chocolate sorbet.

16 /
The Soup

Thick and tangy with just a hint of sweetness, Trader Joe’s Creamy Tomato Soup will have you rethinking whatever can you prefer. Pop a box or two in the pantry, and you’re halfway to the treasured combo of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich on a chilly afternoon.

17 /
The Instant Ramen

Whether you enjoy it as is or a vessel for your own creation, Korean-style Jin Ramen is affordable and easy to find in bulk. Our Recipe Production Coordinator, Justine — who went viral on TikTok with this very ramen — has kept an 18-pack stocked in her pantry for her “entire twenty-something existence.”

18 /
The Boxed Mac & Cheese

“It’s comfort in a box,” says reader Nichole in Honolulu, Hawaii. And who can disagree? The beloved blue packaging evokes childhood nostalgia and consistently delivers a smooth, creamy, kid-friendly mac that’s ready in under 10 minutes. Carolyn from Griswold, Connecticut, says, “This is what the others strive for.”

19 /
The Pasta

In this love letter to De Cecco, our Senior Contributing Editor, Sheela, explains why the brand is the weeknight favorite among Italians: “It’s a higher-quality product.” Unlike other brands, De Cecco uses bronze dies (or plates) to cut its pasta, resulting in a slightly rougher noodle that's ideal for sauce.

20 /
The Gluten-Free Pasta

“This is the gluten-free option that you can serve to a traditional pasta diehard and not make them upset,” says our Editor-in-Chief, Lindsay. “It stays surprisingly firm and has great flavor and fun shapes!” And our Copy Chief, Lauren, praises Banza Cascatelli for its achievements in “forkability, sauceability, and toothsinkability.”

21 /
The Soba

Wheat flour, buckwheat flour, and salt are the only ingredients Assi uses in its soba noodles, which boast a bouncy texture that will keep you slurping. Whether you enjoy them with a soba dipping sauce or in a spicy peanut soba noodle salad, it pays to keep a pack of these in the pantry.

22 /
The Rice

Our Senior Recipe Editor, Christine, appreciates how this rice always cooks up perfectly fluffy and fragrant — an opinion that was met with enthusiastic agreement from several other Kitchn editors. Jasmine, basmati, or arborio — we haven’t met a Lundberg variety we don’t love.

23 /
The Most Versatile Grain

If you haven’t tried fonio yet, grab a bag of Yolélé, a brand that was founded to support smaller farming communities, biodiversity, and regenerative farming throughout Africa. The light, fluffy grains have a slightly nutty flavor and cook quickly on the stovetop or in the microwave. This curried version is a great jumping-off point for the fonio-curious.

24 /
The Overlooked Grain

This ancestor of modern wheat is one of our favorite grains for workday salads and hearty soups. Our Senior Contributing Editor, Sheela, notes, “Bob's farro cooks up to be just the right amount of chewy, nutty, and tender. Plus, it doesn't take forever to cook like some other brands.”

25 /
The Masa

Finely ground nixtamalized corn flour and alkaline water come together to create a masa harina that will elevate your tortillas, tamales, pupusas, and arepas to new heights. Masienda uses the whole kernel of single-origin heirloom corn from Mexico to create masa with a beautiful texture and rich flavor.

26 /
The Baking Chocolate

These 60% Cacao Chocolate Baking Bars are great for cutting into chunks or melting for ganache, thanks to the premium cocoa beans that Ghirardelli uses to make their chocolate. “I keep two bars stocked in my pantry at all times for impromptu chocolate chip cookie needs,” says our Senior Lifestyle Editor, Mara.

27 /
The Cocoa Powder

If you want intense chocolate flavor, add Guittard to your grocery cart. “I go out of my way to stock up on this perfect cocoa powder,” reports our Senior Contributing Editor, Sheela. “It's the answer to the deepest chocolate brownies, cake, and cookies, and it is absolutely worth the splurge.”


1 /
The Hummus

With a nutty, bright flavor that our Senior Lifestyle Editor, Mara, describes as “surprisingly freshly made,” Cedar’s Hommus has earned a permanent spot in the fridge for a satisfying midday snack or this brilliant three-ingredient hummus-crusted chicken.

2 /
The Dip

Artichokes and jalapeños combine forces in this creamy dip that's available at Costco. “I fancy myself an artichoke dip connoisseur, and this is a packaged one I can absolutely get behind,” says our Editor-in-Chief, Lindsay. “It's perfect cold straight from the tub or warmed in the oven.”

3 /
The Pickles

Clausen says the secret to its extra-crunchy pickles is in the process — going from vine to jar in 10 days or less. The original refrigerator pickle has been perfecting the pickle game for 150 years with a brine recipe that’s as snappy as the cukes themselves.

4 /
The Salad Kit

Everything you need for a classic Caesar — crispy lettuce, crunchy croutons, and creamy dressing — is contained in one handy bag. (Just add anchovies!) Reader Ash from the Bronx swears by Dole’s Classic Caesar Kit, noting, “This is restaurant quality in a bag.”

5 /
The Ramen

Somewhere between a packet of instant ramen and a day spent in the kitchen making ramen from scratch, you’ll find Sun Noodle’s kits (in the refrigerated section!), which include chewy, slurpable noodles and savory miso broth for two. Just add whatever toppings your heart desires.

6 /
The Plant-Based Milk

“With a consistency similar to 2% milk, this almond milk is ideal for adding to my morning coffee,” says our Staff Writer, Patty, of this wallet-friendly milk alternative. “It’s subtly sweet — even without the added sugar — and carries a hint of almond flavor.”

7 /
The Yogurt

An Aldi fan favorite, this creamy, tangy, lightly sweetened Greek yogurt is a go-to of Staff Writer, Patty, who appreciates not just the well-balanced flavors, but also the packaging, which eschews the typical foil lid for a plastic top to keep the breakfast treat at its best.

8 /
The Plant-Based Yogurt

Siggi’s coconut-milk-based yogurt is a smart choice for a quick breakfast or midday snack. So smooth, creamy, and sweet, this yogurt could be mistaken for dessert. Coconut is an editor favorite, but we haven’t met a flavor we don’t love.

9 /
The Cream Cheese

There’s no matching the consistency of Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Every block is the same, every single time, and that’s of paramount importance — especially when it comes to baking, whether it’s cheesecake or peanut butter pie. When everything else in the world is changing, we can rely on Philly to stay exactly the same.

10 /
The Cottage Cheese

Not only is Good Culture the GOAT among the cottage cheese lovers of TikTok, but it’s also an editor favorite, earning a permanent spot in our fridges. Light, bouncy curds are packed into a cool, tangy cream to create a product that pairs perfectly with pineapple or cherry tomatoes.

11 /
The Snacking Cheese

If convenience is king, then we happily bow to these individually wrapped sharp cheddar sticks, which are the perfect size for lunch boxes and fanny packs. The creamy, sharp cheddar is equally enjoyable eaten with some sliced salami and olives or devoured when a hangry moment strikes.

12 /
The Fancy Cheese

Among Trader Joe’s very devoted followers, TJ’s English Cheddar with Caramelized Onions is a well-known darling, earning rave reviews in this year’s Customer Choice Awards. Made for Trader Joe’s in the English countryside, this robust cheese harnesses a sweet and nutty flavor from the caramelized onions.

13 /
The Plant-Based Cheese

From flavor to texture, Chao Creamery’s shreds absolutely understood the assignment: Act like cheese. “These shreds are anything but bland,” says our Senior Lifestyle Editor, Mara. “The salty bite is spot-on. Their creamy, melty texture reminds me of American cheese. My favorite way to consume? In a quesadilla, of course.”


1 /
The Waffle

Eggo waffles have come a long way since being a staple of our childhoods. Now the iconic breakfast brand offers a Liege-style waffle inspired by Belgian street food, made with brioche dough so pillowy you might think you’ve gone back to bed. Pearl sugar gives the exterior a satisfying crunch and sweetness.

2 /
The Fruit

This mix of frozen fruit is a veritable smoothie in a bag. With a combination of bananas, mangos, and strawberries, the tropical fruit blend makes your morning routine a bit easier — and frankly, who among us doesn’t need a little support in the a.m.?

3 /
The French Fries

Our readers say these freezer fries are the closest you can get to restaurant quality, with a crunchy exterior and a soft, fluffy interior. The Crinkle Cut and Extra Crispy Fast Food Fries are particularly beloved for crisping up in the air fryer.

4 /
The Veggie Shortcut

“The thing I adore about this frozen vegetable blend is the endless number of ways to use and serve it,” says our Culinary Producer, Kelli. “It doesn’t get any simpler than steaming it in the bag (or on the stovetop) for a lightning-fast side dish that’s easy to partner with just about anything you’re cooking.”

5 /
The Dumplings

Mini wontons are cuter than regular wontons — that’s just science. And although these chicken wontons are small in size, the flavor within is big and bold, thanks to cilantro, green onion, and garlic. Get them on the table in just five minutes, and then sit back and wait for praise.

6 /
The Pizza

The Kitchn editors say this frozen pizza is giving Pizza Hut vibes, and we are very much here for that pop of nostalgia. Each thick, bubbly crust of this Detroit-style pie is full of meaty toppings — sausage, pepperoni, and bacon — from edge to edge.

7 /
The Gluten-Free Pizza

In her love letter to Kirkland’s Cauliflower Crust Pizza, Costco frequent flier and our Staff Writer, Patty, says, “Not only is this a great cauliflower crust pizza, but it is also a great pizza — period.” She speaks the truth: This gluten-free pie fooled her two discerning kids.

8 /
The Veggie Burger

According to contributor Danielle Centoni, who tested every frozen veggie burger she could find, these black bean burgers “Cook up golden and crispy, and the chile-cumin-lime flavor is really balanced, but generous enough to pack a punch of flavor.” And if you’re worried about what’s in them, don’t be — these patties are vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free.

9 /
The Party App

These bite-sized bagel dogs beat out seven other contenders to take the top spot in our taste test for the best traditional pigs in a blanket. The juicy, flavorful franks are wrapped in the familiar bagel dough of the bite-sized mini pizzas. Our Staff Writer, Patty’s, only complaint? She wishes there were more in the box!

10 /
The Puff Pastry

Dufour’s delicate butter puff pastry hits a high bar that home bakers appreciate. "It's always flaky, rises tall, and has the best buttery taste,” says our Senior Recipe Editor, Christine. “It's worth the splurge when you want only perfect puff pastry.” And honestly, when do you not want that?


1 /
The Chicken Tenders

Keep a bag of these kid-friendly dinner starters in the freezer at all times, and you’ll never be far from a quick and easy meal. Reader Karyn Renee in Mount Vernon, Texas, says they check all the boxes: "Crispy, tender, crunchy, well-seasoned.”

2 /
The Plant-Based Chicken

Despite lots of competition in the category, stalwart brand Quorn still makes our favorite plant-based nuggets. After evaluating 19 different frozen varieties, our Staff Writer, Patty, says, “This plant-based chicken, or chiQin, is tender and mimics the texture of traditional frozen chicken nuggets.”

3 /
The Tofu

Hodo Tofu crafts its tofu with its own protein-rich soy milk made from organic, non-GMO soybeans. The result: An unmistakable complex, nutty flavor that’s so satisfying you can eat it right out of the pack. Best of all, these blocks are already the perfect texture — creamy and dense — with no pressing necessary!

4 /
The Plant-Based Meat

Whether crumbled or shaped into a patty, Impossible’s Spicy Ground Sausage Roll nabs top honors for plant-based meat options. Our Staff Writer, Patty, tasted 18 different plant-based sausages and says, “I was blown away by the impossibly accurate flavor and texture of Impossible’s ground sausage.”

5 /
The Bacon

Located in the heart of ham country, Smithfield has been making bacon for nearly 100 years, so it’s no surprise that they’ve perfected the craft. “I've tried many over the years and I always come back to Smithfield,” says our Senior Food Editor, Kristina. “It's just the right amount of bacony for me.”

6 /
The Canned Meat

If tinned fish can have a moment, why not canned meat? The pantry staple brings savory flavor to recipes like breakfast hash and this clever take on pigs in a blanket. We’re here for it, especially our Senior Food Editor, Kristina, who prefers Spam Classic: “Nothing really beats the original for me; it's just so nostalgic.”

7 /
The Tinned Fish

Our Editor-in-Chief, Lindsay, practically lives on sardines — so she knows her tins. She keeps coming back to Wild Planet’s Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil because they’re, “high-quality, super-flavorful, and so convenient to throw into a pantry pasta or on crackers for a snack.”

8 /
The Dried Beans

Our Staff Writer, Patty, wouldn’t dream of making red beans and rice with any other brand than Camellia’s, a New Orleans staple for 100 years. You’ll pay a little more for them, but after one spoonful of these sultry, creamy beans, you’ll understand why.

9 /
The Canned Beans

A can of chickpeas can become many things — hummus of course, and also a crunchy salad topping or a luxurious vegetarian meal — and when we reach for a can, it’s Whole Foods Organic Garbanzo Beans. The tender texture and nutty flavor sets the canned gold standard.

Bread & Breakfast

1 /
The Sandwich Bread

When it comes to crafting an ideal sandwich, our Senior Food Editor, Kristina, says, “This plush, buttery bread has become a staple in my house.” The fluffy white bread is perfect for cucumber tea sandwiches. And don't sleep on simply spreading a toasted slice with a pat of butter.

2 /
The English Muffin

These English muffins go beyond the call of duty, pumping in whole grains like quinoa, spelt, rye, millet, and barley. The organic, craggy muffins are the ideal canvas for the breakfast sandwich of your dreams, but they’re also great simply toasted with soft butter and a pinch of flaky salt.

3 /
The Flour Tortilla

For the second year in a row, flour tortilla stans shout Hermosa from the mountaintops. That’s because these non-GMO, vegan tortillas have a pleasant chew, flaky texture, and rich flavor from avocado oil and cassava root that make them the go-to choice for chimichangas and quesadillas.

4 /
The Pita

This pita is the best our Senior Contributing Editor, Sheela, has ever bought — or made. The Israeli-style pita is a lot thicker than other brands, and because it’s so fresh (read: no preservatives), the added thickness equates to cloud-like softness. “It’s pillowy, easy to split, and full of nooks and crannies inside.”

5 /
The Cereal

Our readers love Special K. Both the original and Vanilla Almond varieties got plenty of shout-outs from fans, but Special K Red Berries took the top spot, thanks to “crispy and crunchy flakes with large dried strawberries,” according to Lynne in San Jose, California.

6 /
The Instant Oatmeal

“Quaker Raisin, Date & Walnut is the only oatmeal I'll eat because it's not as sweet as the others,” says our Senior Food Editor, Kristina, of this classic instant option, which is loaded with chewy and crunchy textures to get you moving in the morning. “I also like to stir in a sizable scoop of peanut butter!”

7 /
The Granola

Paired with honey-sweetened yogurt and fresh berries, this not-too-sweet granola makes a perfect parfait. “Granola is one of those things I prefer from scratch, but that's not my reality all the time,” says our Editor-in-Chief, Lindsay. “This one has great crunch and the right amount of warm spices.”

8 /
The Bar

What do we love most about these bars? Their familiar soft chew that rivals the best homemade energy bars. They’re so good, in fact, that our Staff Writer, Patty, tasted one on a flight and then saved the wrapper so she could remember the brand — and spread the word.

9 /
The Cinnamon Roll

If you’re looking for a store-bought cinnamon roll that tastes as good as homemade, look no further. Our Staff Writer, Patty, says, “The dough is plush and soft; the filling is packed with cinnamon flavor; and the icing is thick, rich, and sweet.” Try warming them in the oven for a few minutes to make them taste even more legit.

10 /
The Pancake Mix

We can be skeptical about a food that directs us to “just add water,” but Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix gets the job done with no fuss. The result? Fluffy, pillowy pancakes with a rich buttermilk flavor that are just right for whipping up at a vacation home or on a camping trip.


1 /
The Staple

“Crunchy, cheesy, salty, portable, and easy to portion." "Irresistibly savory." "Road-trip worthy." "Just so delicious.” These are just a few of the reasons readers gave for voting for these iconic crackers. They also noted that the Extra Toasty, Snap’D, and Grooves (specifically, Scorchin’ Hot Cheddar) varieties are not to be missed.

2 /
The Tortilla Chip

Only one chip could knock Siete’s Grain Free Sea Salt Tortilla Chips (a three-time Kitchn Essentials winner) out of the top spot, and that’s Siete's Dip Chips. “Even when dip isn’t part of the equation,” says our Culinary Producer, Kelli, “I like these sturdy chips even more than the original.”

3 /
The Potato Chip

You don’t want just any flimsy chip scooping up your dip — you want a chip you can trust. “These are a classic for a reason,” says our Senior Lifestyle Editor, Mara. “The ridges! The salt! That crunch! Great on their own, and truly non-negotiable as a sandwich topper, preferably at the beach on a warm, breezy day.”

4 /
The Pretzel

A ton of brands make flat pretzels that are great for dipping, swiping, and scooping, but the ones in the blue-and-white-striped bags remain our favorite. It’s been nearly 20 years since they hit shelves and they still set the standard! “They’re literally the perfect version of a pretzel, IMO,” says our contributor Ni’Kesia.

5 /
The Popcorn

Stovetop popcorn just hits different. Nothing against the microwave, but there’s something about popping kernels on the stove or in a popcorn popper that results in airy, crunchy snack perfection. And when it comes to the kernels we keep on hand, we haven’t found a brand that can beat Trader Joe’s value and consistency.

6 /
The Cracker

No snack stash is complete without a sea salt cracker. “These sturdy crackers have just the right amount of crispy crunchiness,” says our Culinary Producer, Kelli. “They’re salty but not too salty, and have a slight curved shape, which makes them perfect for dipping.” They also happen to be gluten-free.

7 /
The Nuts

What makes this container so special? What’s NOT in it. These salted and roasted almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and pecans are, as our Staff Writer, Patty, sums up so perfectly, “all the nuts you want and none that you don’t.” You’ll find it forever and always in her pantry (and at Target).

8 /
The Snack Mix

Target has a solid roster of snack mixes (and mixed nuts!), but do not sleep on this bright orange bag. Our Lifestyle Editor, Mara, says "The flavors and textures stuffed inside are unmatched." The layers of sweetness! The collection of crunch! The spice! This grab bag is reason enough to plan a Target run.

9 /
The Jerky

If you love the savory and spicy notes that pepperoni and sausage bring to the party, this is the jerky for you. “These high-protein snack sticks taste fresher than other meat sticks, and are expertly seasoned, slightly smoky, and always tender with no added sugar,” says our Staff Writer, Patty.

10 /
The Sleeper Hit

Don’t be fooled by their petite size. These bars — with their slightly tangy, nougat-like center and rich, chocolatey shell — rival the best candy bars. Take it from our SVP of Content, Faith, who says these Greek yogurt bars may just be the perfect food.

11 /
The Wildcard

This chip has so many layers: It’s laminated, for starters, and rich with lightly sweet chocolate flavor, with a satisfying crunch that leads to a whole sensation when you bite into one. Even the crumbs are next-level! Pour them into a bowl, add milk, and boom! You’ve got chocolate churro cereal, recommends our Recipe Production Coordinator, Justine.

12 /
The Trader Joe's Find

Warm, gooey, spicy, sweet — these cinnamon-y pancakes are a seasonal find, so next time you see them at Trader Joe’s, we highly recommend you follow the lead of our Recipe Production Coordinator, Justine, and pick up a *minimum* of three bags.


1 /
The Cookie Dough

“The cookies tasted just like a homemade batch: perfectly crispy outside, soft inside, with lots of caramelized brown sugar notes,” says contributor Danielle, who took one for the team (read: us) and tried every package of chocolate chip cookie dough she could find. Centoni says the trio of chocolate makes these cookies taste like fancy from-scratch treats.

2 /
The Cookie

These internet-famous cookies have a sandy, crumbly texture and well-balanced combo of warm spices like ginger and cinnamon that make a great no-bake crust or dunker with a cup of coffee. Our Senior Lifestyle Editor, Mara, says, “Iconic on their own, is there a dessert Biscoff cookies doesn't make better? I think not.”

3 /
The Ice Cream

Since debuting in 1987, Ben & Jerry’s blend of cherry ice cream, cherries, and chocolate chunks known as Cherry Garcia has been delighting Grateful Dead fans, ice cream lovers, and our readers. The first ice cream named for a rock star, the iconic pint paved the way for other fan favorites, like the über-popular Phish Food.

4 /
The Plant-Based Ice Cream

“This bar is nutty and caramel-y and on a stick!” says Senior Lifestyle Editor, Mara. “The ice cream has a richness and texture that is indistinguishable from its dairy-made cousins, plus the sweet caramel ribbon only adds to the fun. And caramelized nut bits studded throughout the Belgian chocolate shell give each bite a nice crunch.”

5 /
The Fruit Pops

“I always have a box of these in my freezer for nights when I need something sweet and don't want dairy,” says our Editor-in-Chief, Lindsay. “They're bursting with fruit flavor and not too sweet.” We’re especially partial to the big chunks of fruit throughout the strawberry bar.

6 /
The Brownie Mix

Ghirardelli’s Double Chocolate Brownies took top honors in our brownie mix category for the last three years straight, so it should come as no surprise that the brand's fudgy, gooey Triple Chocolate Brownies are this year’s winner. Our Shopping Director, Jada, recommends stocking up on a box at Costco: “You'll find a reason to make them often, so it's best to have a stash.”

7 /
The Cake Mix

We love everything about Dolly Parton, so it’s no surprise that we’re smitten with her cake mix, too. After trying both the Bananana Pudding-Flavored and Coconut-Flavored cake mixes, our contributer Ni'Kesia said, “These mixes embody everything that Dolly Parton is: sweet, very Southern, and packing a lot of punch.”

8 /
The Aldi Bakery Find

Beloved by Aldi shoppers, our Staff Writer, Patty, describes the Bake Shop 7-Up Cake as “a very moist, soft, citrusy pound Bundt cake. The icing actually does taste like 7-Up in a good and nostalgic way.” Whether or not you’re a soda-lover, this lemon-lime cake is sure to win you over.

9 /
The Pie

“My husband and I make a beeline for this during the holidays when it pops up at our local Costco,” says our Shopping Director, Jada, of these highly favored pies. “It's a huge pie, so it's great for a crowd, and has a nice balance of flavors and spices.”

10 /
The Candy

First introduced in the U.S. in 1978, Reese’s Pieces take the salty, crumbly peanut butter action of a Reese’s Cup and put it in a sweet, melt-in-your-mouth (not-in-your-hand) candy shell, much to the satisfaction of candy-lovers everywhere. Looking for another way to love Reese's Pieces? Add them to cookie dough for an unmatchable treat.


1 /
The Coffee Beans

In a very tight race, Starbucks French Roast edged out other favorites including Caffè Verona, Pike’s Place, Veranda, and Sumatra. Readers appreciate the rich, bold flavor and high-octane caffeine in these beans, which are available in bulk at Costco.

2 /
The Cold Brew

Double-filtered and very smooth, this cold brew is an iced coffee lover’s dream come true. “I used to think that my homemade cold brew was good, until I tried La Colombe's — and then I stopped making it entirely,” confides our Shopping Director, Jada. “This is bold, smooth, and so much better than my watered-down drink.”

3 /
The Tea

Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset tea deserves a spot in your daily ritual. The warmly spiced black tea is smooth and comforting — perfect for a moment of repose after a stressful day. Each cup gives off a bold clove-y aroma, and the tea — whether hot or iced — has a subtle, natural sweetness.

4 /
The Sparkling Water

Brilliant in its simplicity, Spindrift’s unsweetened lemon sparkling water is our go-to can of bubbles. Our Senior Contributing Editor, Sheela, says, “All of Spindrift's flavors are great, but it's Lemon that I lean on the most because it's not trying too hard — it's just classic.”

5 /
The Juice

Oranges are the only ingredient in this juice, which boasts a flavor so fresh you’d swear those oranges were squeezed just seconds before. For those of you keeping track, that means there are no additives, preservatives, concentrates, or GMOs.

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The Hard Seltzer

Apple’s more sophisticated cousin gets a chance to tell its subtly sweet and tart story in this sparkling canned cocktail, but you can only find it in High Noon’s LTO Tailgate Pack — so make sure to stock up on these TikTok-approved sippers.

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The Canned Wine

“I am a wine girl, rather than a beer or hard seltzer drinker, so I've always struggled with what to sip pool or beachside in an easy-to-pack can,” says our Senior Contributing Editor, Sheela. “Wine Water is the answer I've been looking for. It's low-alcohol and spritzy, with nothing artificial.”

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The Canned Cocktail

Forget what you think you know about daiquiris. Tip Top’s canned version is an exercise in delicate balance; a blend of rums dance the rumba with lime and sugar. And those wee (100-milliliter) cans are perfect for sipping poolside on a hot day.

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The Zero-Proof Fave

“I've tried plenty of N/A cocktail alternatives, and this is the one I keep coming back to," says our Senior Contributing Editor, Sheela. "I love that it's just the right amount of refreshing, bitter, and sweet.” Aperol Spritz and Americano lovers who are taking a break from alcohol will appreciate this spirit-free option.


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