I Discovered the Ultimate “I’m Hangry” Snack — And I’m Having It Delivered on Repeat

updated Jun 24, 2020
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Beef jerky in a small bowl
Credit: HandmadePictures/Shutterstock

For a person who cooks and writes about food for a living, I have some pretty terrible workday eating habits. Once I start working, I get tunnel vision, and I don’t want to interrupt my flow for anything — not even a meal. But when I do get hit with a severe case of hanger pangs, I usually skip making an elaborate lunch and instead reach for a high-protein snack. And as far back as I can remember, jerky has been my favorite hangry-hour treat. In fact, my love for jerky is so strong that I can even trace its origins back to the day my lola first got her dehydrator and introduced us to the leathery, chewy texture of fruits and meats. While I usually grab my jerky stash from a local supermarket, since coronavirus hit, I have been getting it delivered every month from Carnivore Club — and honestly, I’m never going back to the jerky aisle ever again!

For those unfamiliar with Carnivore Club, it’s a cured-meat delivery service with a monthly subscription option for snack boxes filled with high-quality salami, beef jerky, beef snacks, turkey sticks and more. They carefully curate boxes and even feature a different meat artisan every month, giving you the chance to sample new flavors and treats. For instance, there’s the Wisconsin River Meat Snack Box filled with summer sausage meat sticks, honey ham sticks and hot pepper sticks, to name a few. You could also pick the Field Trip Jerky Snack Box of road-trip classics like sweet-and-spicy BBQ beef jerky, a cracked pepper turkey stick, and a spicy jalapeño beef and pork stick. Carnivore Club also stocks two charcuterie-themed boxes packed with cheese board must-haves like prosciutto, serrano ham and sliced salamis. And if you’re feeling splurgy, treat yourself to an exotic jerky bouquet of elk, buffalo and venison meat sticks.

Personally, I tried the Snack Box Sampler, which had tons of jerky options to explore. I loved adding a couple of sticks to my back pocket to pull out during long, socially distant family walks. But my absolute favorite were the mildly flavored beef sticks. My daughters and I found ourselves competing to get to them first. And besides being incredibly satisfying, they were perfect for that strange post-work hour when it’s too early for dinner and too late for a heavy snack. The contents of the Classic and Snack Box are switched up every month, which makes them exciting and fun. In fact, July’s Snack Box contents are already live on the site, and I can’t wait for mine to delivered so I can dig into delicacies like orange honey teriyaki beef jerky, sweet chili habanero beef jerky and sweet teriyaki beef sticks.

If, like me, you find yourself craving a quick bite on busy workdays, have an appreciation for trying different charcuteries or just are having a hard time finding great keto snacks, signing up for Carnivore Club’s carefully curated boxes just might be the thing for you.