We Made a List of 111 Ridiculously Cool Tools and This Is the One Readers Can’t Stop Buying

updated Apr 8, 2021
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We tested hundreds (or was it thousands?) of kitchen tools to come up with our Kitchn Essentials Tools Edition, a list of 111 of the absolute best gizmos and gadgets we think everyone should consider for their kitchen. While we heartily recommend all of these tools, there’s one surprising item on the list our readers can’t seem to get enough of: Hiware’s Solid Stainless Steel Spider. And right now, it’s on major sale at Amazon!

It all started when food editor Kelli, discovered the wonders of the humble spider after using the tool during culinary school and ultimately deciding one deserved a permanent spot in her tiny home kitchen. It’s since become one of our top editor favorites and even made it to our Kitchn Essentials 2020 Tools Editions. It takes up very little real estate in your crockpot, and it’s so versatile you’ll be glad you made space for it. “It’s a must for pasta so you can transfer it directly from the water to the skillet with sauce,” Kelli says, “it’s also super helpful when blanching vegetables, boiling eggs, and frying anything. You can even use it as a colander for rinsing a handful of berries.”

The 5.4-inch Hiware Solid Stainless Steel Spider is our absolute favorite version of the long-handled tool since it’s exceptionally sturdy, much easier to clean, and more versatile than the mesh or perforated handheld strainers and scoop colanders most home cooks go for. Its large coiled head makes quick work of delicately scooping ravioli out of boiling water, frying donuts, or even serving up a Lowcountry boil, as one Amazon reviewer happily discovered. The coils also prevent sticking, and its heat-resistant and lightweight design makes it a joy to use even if you’re cooking a big meal for a crowd. It’s dishwasher safe, which is a nice thing to know, but it’s also much easier to clean than most strainers so you might just find yourself handwashing it with a few quick swipes instead.

If you’re already thinking it might be time to retire your existing handheld strainer and give your colander a bit of a rest, now’s the time! The Hiware Spider is currently 60 percent off at Amazon. At under $10 it’s a great deal for an everyday tool that will last forever, all while making you feel just a little bit more like a pro chef.

Buy: Hiware Solid Stainless Steel Spider, $8.49 (was $20.99)