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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Aldi’s Super-Popular Mama Cozzi’s Pizza

updated Aug 14, 2020
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Towards the end of every single month, we anxiously await the day when our sources over at Aldi leak the next month’s Aldi Finds, a whole host of limited-edition products that will grace shelves with their presence for just a blip in time. After scouring the lists month after month to narrow down the best dozen to announce, we’ve noticed that without fail, there is always an inventive new Mama Cozzi pizza pie on the lineup, and it’s always one we can’t wait to try.

Mama Cozzi pies are one of Aldi’s most popular offerings; they’re a line of frozen and take-and-bake pizzas (in various sizes) that feed four people for less than $7 a pie. There are special pies in the weekly Aldi Finds and a bunch of mainstays that are always available. And they are popular. You know something has a loyal fanbase when there’s a subreddit devoted to it (and yes, Mama Cozzi has one). What makes Mama Cozzi pizzas more buzz-worthy than, say, other ready-to-heat pizzas, though? Here are a few bits of intrigue that Mama Cozzi fans might not know.

Note: We tried to find out if there was, indeed, a Mama Cozzi, but our leads ran dry. If you know her (or ARE her!), please send us an email.

1. Stores often sell out of Mama Cozzi pizzas on Fridays.

An Aldi company rep once told us that certain locations sell out of pizzas pretty early on Friday nights. So if you want to ring in Pizza Friday with none other than Mama Cozzi herself, then you should probably make a grocery run on Thursday at the latest. (If you try to disprove this theory, you’ll probably end up pizza-less and disappointed!)

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Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

2. Aldi offers more than 60 different kinds of Mama Cozzi pies each year.

According to our Aldi source, “There are 17 available everyday options, ranging from Thin Crust to Rising Crust, along with French Bread Style, Stuffed Crust and Cauliflower Crust.” On top of those stalwart offerings, every year there are “over 60 additional variants as limited-time ALDI Finds … which allow us to offer our shoppers unique flavor profiles and test additional variants like macaroni and cheese pizza and gyro-inspired pizza.”

3. The most popular flavor is … pepperoni.

Each year, Aldi runs its popular Aldi Fan Favorites program, in which loyal shoppers name their very favorite products in each category. Last year, Mama Cozzi Take-and-Bake Pepperoni Pizza was named the Fan Favorite from a survey of more than 40,000 shoppers. In a few days, once the results of this year’s survey are made public, we’ll know if that’s the case the second year running. (TBH, we’d cast our vote for it.)

What other burning questions do you have about Aldi’s Mama Cozzi pizzas?