The 5 Frozen Vegetables I Always Have in the Freezer

published Apr 9, 2015
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While I love cooking with fresh vegetables whenever possible, there are times when relying on frozen vegetables just makes more sense. Whether it’s because of availability, budget, seasonality, or just simply convenience, frozen vegetables are a staple I’ve come to rely on throughout the year.

While the selection tends to rotate, there are five favorites that I always have on hand.

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5 Vegetables I Always Keep in the Freezer

1. Corn

Even though I can’t get enough fresh, sweet corn during the summer months, frozen corn has a place in my freezer all year long. I love sautéing it for a simple and quick side dish, and it’s a welcome addition in recipes like, soup, chili, and risotto.

2. Peas

Fresh peas are certainly a nice treat, though it’s debatable whether or not they’re worth all the shelling. It doesn’t get more convenient that frozen peas.

3. Edamame

Since I started working from home, frozen edamame has become my favorite afternoon


4. Chopped spinach

Not only is frozen much less expensive than fresh, but it also does a great job at holding on to a lot of its nutritional value. Sure you can’t use it in a salad, but (defrosted) frozen spinach can be added to a casserole, pasta, quiche, curry, and soup.

5. Artichoke hearts

Whether you toss them with your pasta, top them on a pizza, or cook them with some chicken, frozen artichoke hearts always taste better than the ones that come out of a can. And, if you’ve ever turned a fresh artichoke, you can definitely appreciate the convenience factor.

Tips on Cooking with Frozen Vegetables

Let’s hear it: What veggies do you prefer buying frozen over fresh?