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This Magnetic Storage Basket Created So Much More Space in My Tiny Kitchen

published Mar 7, 2022
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For months, I’ve been on the search for small kitchen storage solutions. I’ve documented a few of my favorites here on Kitchn, including a few reader-favorite storage picks like the wall-mounted spice racks that freed an entire cabinet shelf in my kitchen. When you’re working with a tiny kitchen — mine clocks in at 60 square feet, to be exact — every inch of space is precious. I’m talking cabinet space, counter space, and even wall space. 

One under-the-radar way to actually create storage space in your kitchen is to utilize your fridge. Now, we’ve already written about our favorite magnetic kitchen storage to turn this appliance into a space-saving machine, but I’m here to talk about one item in particular that I love the most. It’s the Yamazaki Magnetic Storage Basket that I have stuck to my fridge that not only holds a ton of items, but it also looks stylish while doing so!

Naturally, when I’m on the lookout for tidying up my home, I turn to Yamazaki. It’s not only an editor-favorite brand at Kitchn for their smart space savers, but they’re also known for a range of magnetic organizers and shelves. Last year, we tested and raved about their Tosca Magnetic Mail Organizer that we found worked as a great alternative to cluttered junk drawers. So I was excited to try this Magnetic Storage Basket to take advantage of an unused spot on the side of my fridge.

What I love about this organizer is that while my kitchen tends to look chaotic with various storage units and wall racks, this sleek white steel shelf doesn’t add to the noise. Instead, it looks clean and simple attached to my fridge, no matter what it’s holding. The primary use of this find has been clearing the space on top of my fridge, to make these items easier to reach and look less messy. Now, instead of being greeted with the clutter on top of the fridge as soon as you walk into my kitchen, it looks much neater because everything fits comfortably on this shelf.

Credit: Erin Cavoto

And instead of just being a plain shelf, there are a few smart aspects that put it a step above the rest. For starters, it includes a removable divider to create some separation. I use this to create a designated spot for my olive oil, but it could also be used for utensils, spices, condiments, and more. Plus, because the shelf has two bars on the outside, the bottom bar will hold spices and other small items inside, while the top bar will keep larger items from tipping over.

I also love how surprisingly strong this organizer is. Yamazaki says it can hold up to 4.5 pounds, which is proven by the bottle of olive oil, various coffee grounds, and an entire container of protein powder that mine holds. If you’d like to try one for your own kitchen, you can pick it up for $48 directly from Yamazaki, or you can buy it from Amazon for the same price.

For my kitchen, this Yamazaki Magnetic Storage Basket has been essential to decluttering my already-cramped kitchen. Instead of using the top of the fridge to hold items, I can now organize them in this easy-to-access shelf without taking up any extra space.