These Magnetic Storage Solutions Are Perfect for Small Kitchens — and Require Zero Assembly

published Jan 10, 2022
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When you’re working with limited kitchen space, it’s essential that every part of the room serves a purpose. Empty cabinet door interiors? These Joseph Joseph lid organizers will turn them into your favorite storage spot. A bare wall? Attach these wall-mounted spice racks and save precious room in your cabinets. But what if we told you that there was a way to add storage to your kitchen that requires no installation? We’re here to talk about our favorite magnetic storage solutions that are guaranteed to free up room in your cabinets, countertops, and more in a matter of seconds!

The most obvious place to start when it comes to magnetic shelves and storage in the kitchen is with your refrigerator. Ahead, we’ve rounded up a few magnetic shelves, baskets, racks, and more that attach right to the side or door of your fridge, including several reader and editor favorites. We’ve also picked out a cool steel shelf that attaches to the top of your stove, as well as an under-$20 magnetic strip that will eliminate the need for a clunky knife block. And if you’re still hungry for more storage tips to use up wasted space, try these under-the-shelf organizers to transform your pantries and cabinets.

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Yamazaki Home

This four-tiered Yamazaki magnetic organizer is perfect for anyone with an empty side of the fridge. On the top shelf, it can hold essentials like foil and plastic wrap or olive oil and vinegar in an easy-to-grab spot. The middle hook is made for a paper towel roll, while the bottom hook can hold dish towels. To make it even more versatile, there are small hooks along the bottom for utensils and commonly used kitchen tools. At just $40, this magnetic rack is a multi-use storage solution that will save so much space.

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Kitchn readers loved this magnetic spice rack when we first wrote about it, securing it a spot as one of our favorite storage solutions last year. It comes in a set of 2, perfect for stacking on the side of your fridge and filling up with spices or condiments that you use the most. Amazon reviewers raved about how it helped free up cabinet or counter space and held a surprising amount of weight.

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Yamazaki Home

Like myself, you might not have enough room on the side of your fridge for a huge organizer. That's where this storage basket comes in handy. At under 5 inches tall, it doesn't take up much room, yet it can hold everyday essentials like olive oil, vinegar, utensils, and more. It can carry an impressive amount of items — I've made use of it by storing a several bags of coffee, protein powder, and a large bottle of olive oil.

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The Container Store

The best place to store your paper towels might be right on your fridge door. Paper towel holders tend to be bulky and take up precious counter space, but this magnetic rack takes up no room at all when attached to your fridge. Made of stainless steel, it'll blend in with your fridge door and stay within easy reach when you need to clean or wipe anything up.

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Even just a single shelf can make a huge difference when it comes to organizing your kitchen. This magnetic shelf attaches to the space above your stove and is perfect for holding your everyday spices, olive oil, and even a favorite utensil or two. It has over 8,700 5-star ratings on Amazon, with customers raving about how much space it offers and the fact that it requires zero installation. Plus, it’ll really dress up the otherwise blank space.

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Yamazaki Home

Save room in your cabinets or drawers by relocating aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and parchment paper to this steel organizer that'll fit snugly on your fridge. Having these items at the ready is especially useful when you're in the middle of cooking or baking to avoid rifling through a drawer when you're pressed for time. It's also a great place for storing favorite spices and oils, as well as takeout menus.

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With over 7,400 five-star ratings, this under-$20 magnetic strip is the budget-friendly solution to freeing your countertops of that bulky knife block. One of our contributors uses this knife strip and loves that it was easy to install and is long enough space to fit an entire knife set. It'll also keep your knives sharp since you won't have to move the blades in and out of a knife block's narrow slots.

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These magnetic spice jars are a smart storage idea and cute decoration all in one. With two magnets installed in the lid of each jar, these containers are easy to use and such a clever alternative to a spice rack. This set even comes with premade labels to attach to the bottom of each jar so you can easily see which spice you're reaching for. You can stick them to your fridge or a magnetic strip installed under your cabinets for quick access.

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Yamazaki Home

Although meant to hold your cookbook open while making a recipe, this magnetic book rack actually became a junk drawer solution for one of our editors. It serves as the perfect vessel for holding takeout menus and meal kit recipe sheets that would otherwise clutter a drawer. It could also hold miscellaneous items like scissors and pens and pencils that you're always reaching for.