Trader Joe’s Just Introduced PINK Lemons, and We’re Already Dreaming Up Ways to Use Them

updated Feb 27, 2020
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

If you hadn’t noticed already, we fan girl a lot over Trader Joe’s products here at Kitchn. Just yesterday we went out and tried the new Mandarin-Style Orange Chicken Bowls (and deemed it an excellent under-$5 lunch option). We’ve talked, at length, about their frozen food section finds, like this kale gnocchi and this $3 frozen spinach dip. We’re always game for a new condiment or spice, like this delicious elote seasoning, and the blue cheese mustard (weird, but good).

But something we rarely talk about is the produce at Trader Joe’s. Not that we don’t love their selection, it’s just that there’s usually not a lot of exciting stuff going on in that department (except the butternut squash zig-zags!). Yet when Trader Joe’s Obsessed posted a photo of these NEW pink lemons on Instagram, we knew this was a big deal. Not yellow lemons. PINK lemons. It’s the little things, right?

According to Trader Joe’s Obsessed Instagram post, you can buy a bag of three pink lemons for just $1.69. Apparently they taste like standard lemons but are a bit sweeter and more flavorful, so there’s even more reason beyond just the fun hue to give them a try. 

Think of all the fun ways you could use these at home: pink lemonade, pink lemonade popsicles, boozy vodka cocktails with pink lemonade popsicles inside (filled with more vodka in the pop itself, too!), or of course, used as some sour acidity on salads, fish, grilled veggies, and more. I mean, really, you should just use these pink lemons anytime you want to use a regular yellow lemon, instead.

It should be noted that Trader Joe’s Obsessed said the first time she bought them, “They look like mini grapefruits from the inside.” But the second time she tried them out “the inside was yellow with a faint faint pink on the outer edge closer to the skin.” Here’s hoping your pink lemons are SUPER pink instead of, well, disappointing. Either way, the price is worth checking them out.