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This Trader Joe’s Seasoning Is So Good, I Keep 3 Bottles on Hand at a Time

published Oct 6, 2021
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Credit: Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

Alliums — and onions, in particular — can be polarizing. One camp loves them, and another abhors them; rarely is there a middle ground. I’m a staunch member of the former camp. I adore onions; the more the better. I want the sharp bite of fresh onions sprinkled throughout my salad. I demand butter-sautéed onions that get slow-cooked in soups. And I simply have to have them caramelized and on top of pierogi.

The stinkier my breath, the happier I am. In fact, my problem is usually that things aren’t quite onion-y enough. So when I spotted Onion Salt (for the reasonable price of $1.99 a bottle) at Trader Joe’s, I had to have it. 

Credit: Su-Jit Lin

The critical question: Would it deliver on flavor? After all, I’ve been disappointed by the lack of potency of other onion salts. Some are not onion-y enough; some are way too salty.

Well, I bought a bottle and am happy to report that it over-delivered. First of all, this bottle is far more interesting than most onion salts out there. Finely diced shreds of bright, dehydrated scallions mix jubilantly with neatly chopped dried chives. There’s similarly coarse, toasted minced onion (like what you find in TJ’s revolutionary Everything But the Bagel Seasoning Blend), granulated onion, garlic, and salt. I poured some into my palm and tried it on its own: It rendered me to tears (of joy) and had me feeling like life was as sweet as a Vidalia.

Now I should start a TJ’s Onion Salt fan club because I keep at least three bottles in my spice drawer at all times. And I reach for the opened one on a daily basis. I sprinkle this robust onion salt over my onion rings and into eggs for instant oomph. I mix it into Greek yogurt for a zesty dip, and smash it into my potatoes for the perfect side dish. I crust my chicken breasts in it, and shake, shake, shake it over my stir-fries, rice dishes, pastas, pizza, and more. I’d put TJ’s Onion Salt on TJ’s Onion Salt, if I could!

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