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This Spring, I’m Prioritizing Low-Key Hangs (Which Are High-Key the Best) — and Pairing Them with a Delightful Wine

published Mar 19, 2024
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Credit: Penelope Dullaghan

Spring is such a casually magical time. Winter has its twilight sparkle and summer its exuberant revelry, but in between is this lovely moment when everything begins to wake up: Plants start budding, birds start chirping, and my friends and I start making plans to enjoy the long-awaited return of sunshine.

I’m lucky to live just a walk or bike ride away from some of my closest friends, so we never need much of a reason to get together. I’m leaning into that ease this spring, with three ideas for low-key hangs that don’t require much more than your favorite people and a couple free hours. Because hosting isn’t all about theme parties and five-course dinners (though I love those, too). Sometimes it’s as simple as Try this cheese I just bought or There’s wine in the fridge. And there is always wine in the fridge.

Lately, that means plenty of Decoy Featherweight Sauvignon Blanc. Nothing says “warmer days are here” like a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, and this one has a fresh and subtle profile with crowd-pleasing notes of Meyer lemon, grapefruit, and lime. Plus, Featherweight is lower in calories and lower in alcohol*, so it pairs perfectly with low-key afternoons. By which of course I mean that it’s a great wine to drink while gardening, which is the first thing I want to do after a cold winter spent swooning at seed catalogs.

Credit: Penelope Dullaghan

Gardening Party

Garden parties are fun, but I’ll take a gardening party any day: I’ll set my patio table with a cold bottle of crowd-pleasing Decoy Featherweight and simple snacks, then have my friends over to start seeds, swap cuttings (and advice), and re-pot anything that needs a roomier planter or a fresh layer of soil. We get to catch up, and everyone goes home with a new plant (and their daily dose of vitamin D).

After-Work Apéro

A huge perk of living so close to your friends is the pop-in: stopping by after work or errands for a quick visit over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. And when you add the springtime combo of warmer weather and longer days? That pop-in just became an apéro! This spring, I’m planning on plenty of these chill happy hours on the porch, with nothing more than great friends, a quick cheese plate, and a cold bottle (or two) of Decoy Featherweight. What more do you really need?

Credit: Penelope Dullaghan

Outdoor Movie Night

This year, I’m also excited to turn my garden into a cozy spot for movie screenings. It’s a great way to hang out on those nights when everyone’s energy is a little lower: All you need is a sheet and a projector — and, of course, some good wine and tasty snacks. My friends know that I take popcorn very seriously. Toppings like parmesan and black pepper, Old Bay, or nutritional yeast feel extra special without much effort. And the crisp flavor of Decoy Featherweight pairs perfectly with them all.

Decoy Featherweight Sauvignon Blanc is intentionally crafted from premium California grapes, for a refreshing wine that’s easy-drinking and always delicious. It pairs well with all of your low-key get-togethers and lighthearted hangouts.

*Compared to Decoy Sauvignon Blanc. Serving facts per 5 fl oz.