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Courtney Balestier is the Apartment Therapy Creative Studio Senior Writer. She holds a master's degree in magazine journalism from NYU and lives in Pittsburgh, where you'll find her doing DIY projects in her new house with her dog and cat (who are not being very helpful).
5 Tips for Hosting a Lazy Summer Dinner Party (That Doesn’t Feel Lazy at All)
Lazy cooking is a trend we’ve been loving, and with good reason: all of the deliciousness with none of the fuss! And this less-is-more approach isn’t only a backup plan for busy weeknights — it’s also the secret to a summer full of fabulous gatherings.It’s totally possible to host a dinner party that feels put together without starching cloth napkins or preparing an elaborate main course.
2 days ago
Here’s What Happened After I Put an Air Purifier in My Kitchen for Three Months
Soon after buying my first home, I realized that the kitchen of my cute little row house sat directly below my bedroom. Go ahead, ask me how I figured it out. You see what I’m getting at: While delicious smells are part of the joy of cooking, I didn’t want to keep smelling them when I went to sleep. Once I became more aware of how scent traveled in my cozy abode, I wanted to make extra sure that the air circulating was clear as could be.
May 1, 2024
3 Parents Share Amusingly Relatable Stories of Trying to Raise Foodies
Introducing little ones to new foods is never boring. Sometimes you hit the jackpot, and their faces light up at the taste of roasted broccoli or fried shrimp. Sometimes, not so much. One day may be a yes and the next day a no, but every day is an adventure — and we promise, it all pays off.Consistently introducing your little ones to different flavors and textures expands their developing palates and builds their budding appetites.
Mar 28, 2024
This Spring, I’m Prioritizing Low-Key Hangs (Which Are High-Key the Best) — and Pairing Them with a Delightful Wine
Spring is such a casually magical time. Winter has its twilight sparkle and summer its exuberant revelry, but in between is this lovely moment when everything begins to wake up: Plants start budding, birds start chirping, and my friends and I start making plans to enjoy the long-awaited return of sunshine. I’m lucky to live just a walk or bike ride away from some of my closest friends, so we never need much of a reason to get together.
Mar 19, 2024
12 Easy and Fancy Finger Foods to Bring to an Awards Show Party
We love awards season: the glamour, the red-carpet fashion, the films, the competition. And, of course, the snacking. Hollywood’s biggest night is a great occasion to gather around the TV with your friends, your predictions, and a festive array of finger foods. (Fancy dress optional, but hey, why not?)With a buffet of hearty snacks (and a night of long speeches ahead), it’s possible that heartburn can make a surprise guest appearance.
Feb 23, 2024
13 Easy Recipes for a Chill Galentine’s Day Celebration
We never need a reason to eat delicious food with our best friends, but we’re always thrilled to have one — and Galentine’s Day might be the best. An ode to the love of good friendships, it’s an occasion for celebrating your ride-or-die crew. And, like the best friendly hangs, it’s ideally done in comfy clothes with an array of indulgent treats.
Feb 9, 2024
5 of the Easiest, Most Crowd-Pleasing Finger Foods You Can Make on Game Day
When the big game is on, your menu has to be simple to prep, easy to eat, and as crowd-pleasing as a touchdown. And if your favorite part about a football watch party is the food, well, you’re not alone. However, grazing on cheesy, spicy, rich snacks all game long can trigger heartburn by the fourth quarter.
Feb 2, 2024
10 Easy Recipes That Will Be a Hit at Your Holiday Gathering
This time of year is a steady stream of parties, potlucks, and festive get-togethers — and all of them have delicious menus of sweet and savory treats. That’s why it’s helpful to have a collection of reliable recipes to keep you ready for reveling, whatever the occasion.However, while we love encountering a buffet table set with all our favorites, over-indulging, rich foods, spicy dishes, and heavy sauces can trigger heartburn, so we always want to be prepared.
Dec 18, 2023
These 3 Shopping Lists Will Send You into the Holidays with Confidence
A good list can simplify almost any task. When life gets overwhelming — as it can in this furiously festive time of year — a little pen-and-paper planning can be the difference between delightfully busy and downright stressed. That’s especially true for one of this season’s eternal tasks: shopping.
Nov 14, 2023
Our Culinary Producer Is Welcoming Comfort Food Season with These 5 Groceries — and They’re All from Target
The end of summer can be bittersweet, but it only takes the thought of cozy suppers to get us excited for fall. As soon as there’s a little chill in the air, we’re eager for earthy veggies, rich flavors, and warm-belly recipes. That goes double for The Kitchn Culinary Producer James Park.“Fall is truly my favorite season,” says The Kitchn Culinary Producer James Park. “This might be basic to say, but nothing gets me excited like fall-flavored items!
Sep 10, 2023
These 5 Target Good & Gather Groceries Make Our Editor’s Back-to-School Transition Way Smoother
As summer starts to wind down, it’s time to trade our clam bakes and poolside snacks for packed lunches and quick dinners before soccer practice. It’s a mental — and culinary — shift that can be a welcome return to routine! First we just have to remember what our routines are.With two young kids, The Kitchn Senior Food Editor Kristina Razon and her husband know this dance all too well.
Aug 17, 2023
Recipe: Take These 3 Upgraded Chicken Sandwiches Back to School
Super easy to prep, but high on the wow factor, they'll be the talk of the cafeteria.
May 18, 2022
Our Editor Keeps Summer Easy, Breezy, and Delicious with These 5 Target Good & Gather Groceries
Is it our imagination, or does everything taste at least 5 percent better during the summer? By the pool, on the patio, or at the beach, the season seems to elevate even the simplest snack. And, of course, there are so many fresh ingredients bursting with flavor.
Jul 21, 2023
The 5 Target Groceries Our Editor-in-Chief Is Buying On Repeat for Al Fresco Dining
This time of year, you’ll catch our dining tables gathering dust — we’re too busy enjoying dinner outside, with a big helping of sunsets, blooming flowers, and fresh air. “I live for eating outdoors,” says The Kitchn’s Editor-in-Chief Lindsay Funston.
Jun 28, 2023
Here’s a Practical, Affordable Way to Incorporate the Fresh New Trend in Neutrals — And Upgrade Your Hydration Routine
If there’s a word that’s dominating our decor these days, it’s calm. With all the tumult of the past few years, you don’t need to be a minimalist to appreciate a more serene aesthetic, from softer lighting to more sumptuous fabrics. These design elements are like little sighs, making your space more comforting no matter what’s going on outside.
Apr 14, 2023
A Full-Time Chef and Engineer’s 3-Step Process for Grocery Shopping Success
Name: Lori MonteLocation: Queen Creek, AZAge: 53Number of people in household: 2Occupation: Chef and EngineerWhere you shopped: Albertsons®Grocery hauls aren’t just what you fill your cart with: They’re also the possibilities that spring from a single trip to the store. Inside all those shopping bags are potlucks with friends, family game nights, comfort meals when we need them most, and nutritious starts to the school day.
Mar 15, 2023
How a Mom of 3 in Alaska Builds Her Meal Plan Around Weekly Grocery Store Sales
Name: Laura SampsonLocation: Palmer, AKAge: 52Number of people in household: 3Occupation: Small Business Owner, Little House Big Alaska, and Palmer Folk SchoolWhere you shopped: Carrs®Grocery hauls aren’t just what you fill your cart with: They’re also the possibilities that spring from a single trip to the store. Inside all those shopping bags are potlucks with friends, family game nights, comfort meals when we need them most, and nutritious starts to the school day.
Mar 15, 2023
How This Graphic Designer Grocery Shops for After-School Snacks, WFH Lunches, and Cozy Weekend Breakfasts
Name: Jenn PowellLocation: Cochecton, NYAge: 48Number of people in household: 5Occupation: Influencer/Owner, Jenn Powell DesignsWhere you shopped: ACME®Grocery hauls aren’t just what you fill your cart with: They’re also the possibilities that spring from a single trip to the store. Inside all those shopping bags are potlucks with friends, family game nights, comfort meals when we need them most, and nutritious starts to the school day.
Mar 15, 2023
Bloomscape Is Offering Up to 30% Off Fiddle Leaf Figs, Monsteras, and More Lush Greenery to Liven Up Your Space
Green thumbs won't want to miss this!
Jan 10, 2023
5 Groceries Our Editor-in-Chief Recommends for Beating the Winter Blahs
January is the month when winter really starts to settle in. All those snowy days and cold nights call for serious comfort: the creamy, cheesy, hearty kind. “January days are short, cold, and gray. There’s nothing better at the end of them than a comforting meal,” says Kitchn’s Editor-in-Chief Faith Durand. “The warmer, cozier, ooier, and gooier, the better!”When the forecast calls for just that, Faith turns to Target’s grocery line, Good & Gather.
Jan 5, 2023
The 15 Best Splurges We Made for Our Kitchens in 2022
They're so worth it!
Dec 28, 2022
How to Organize Your Fridge for the Holidays — and the One Upgrade That Makes It Easy
Nothing tests our kitchens’ capacities — or our stamina — quite like holiday cooking. We’re making more food for more people than at any other time of the year. Even when you love cooking (and we do!), the cycle of shopping-cooking-entertaining can get overwhelming. And when that happens, we like to organize the fridge.Seriously! Organizing your fridge is a practical matter, sure, but it’s also a gift for your peace of mind.
Nov 23, 2022
This Space-Creating Fridge Is the Smartest Storage Upgrade for Hard-Working Kitchens
If you cook even a few nights a week, you’ve definitely pictured your dream kitchen. The one that’s like yours but better, either because it actually has enough counter space or simply because the oven doesn’t turn it into a sauna. Your dream kitchen is perfect down to the last detail, from the tiled backsplash to the I’ve finally arrived countertops. And every kitchen needs a dream fridge that makes cooking, hosting, and not losing leftovers easy.
Nov 23, 2022
‘Tis the Season to Deep Clean These 5 Hardworking Areas of Your Kitchen
Gingerbread houses, roast turkeys, cinnamon rolls: The holidays are our kitchens’ time to shine. But first, we need to literally make them shine. Giving your kitchen a deep clean now — we’re talking cupboards, fridge, those corners you never notice — will pay off for months.
Nov 21, 2022
A Kitchn Staffer’s 3 Eye-Opening Takeaways from Her Week with Meal Kits
Getting dinner on the table every night takes work, and we can all run out of steam. For Kitchn project manager Kit Turley, the trouble was that her go-to weeknight recipes had gone from reliable to monotonous. Add an opinionated five-year-old to the mix, and planning fresh, flavorful meals got even more complicated.Kit decided to try Blue Apron’s all-in-one meal kits to escape her family’s “didn’t we just have this?” rut.
Nov 8, 2022
This Danish-Designed Kitchen Essential Is the Pretty, Practical Gift I’m Giving Everyone on My List
When it comes to gift giving, there’s nothing like finding a this-is-so-you item that your loved one didn’t even know they wanted. This year, I found the item for everyone. And they’re all the same thing.The LifeStraw Home water filter pitcher has everything I look for in a gift. It’s beautiful, with a sleek minimalist design that shines on the table or counter.
Nov 2, 2022
5 Groceries Our Editor-in-Chief Recommends for Instant Comfort
Comfort food will never go out of style — but that doesn’t mean we can’t jazz it up a little. October at Kitchn is an ode to modern comfort food, as we put a fresh spin on classics that never fail to satisfy. From gray days to rainy nights, now is the time for food that feels like a hug.“As the weather changes, the meals we make change with it,” says Kitchn Editor-in-Chief Faith Durand. “They become warmer, cozier, and more comforting.
Oct 5, 2022
These Space-Saving Kitchen Essentials from One of Our Favorite Brands Are on Major Discount at Macy’s
Banish kitchen clutter for good!
Sep 28, 2022
Dyson’s Latest Sale Includes Steep Discounts on Their Most Popular Vacuums and Air Purifiers
Some of Dyson's best models are on sale — including a must-have for pet owners.
Sep 28, 2022
5 Groceries Our Editor-in-Chief Loves That Just Scream Fall
It’s as reliable as the air starting to crisp and the leaves beginning to turn: Once fall arrives, we crave cozy dishes, warm spices, and all things autumnal. “Pumpkin gets all the glory this time of year, but there are lots of fall flavors to love,” says Kitchn Editor-in-Chief Faith Durand. “We wait all year to enjoy the bounty of autumn, and it’s finally time!
Aug 24, 2022
5 Groceries Our Editor-in-Chief Keeps Stocked for Impossibly Easy Family Meals
This September, Kitchn is highlighting the recipes you need to know right now: Those back-to-basics ideas that get a delicious dinner done fast. It’s something we could all use this month, as the kids head back to school and life gets busier. “We’re focusing on the staples that every home cook needs to build their portfolio of recipes,” says Kitchn Editor-in-Chief Faith Durand. “Reminder: It’s okay to keep dinner simple!
Aug 23, 2022
These 5 Grocery Items Help Our Editor-in-Chief Feed Her Family When Life Gets Hectic — and They’re All From Target
August is a month of change: Vacation is ending, school is starting, and the lazy days of summer are about to get not-at-all lazy. It can be a rocky transition, but it’s made easier when the whole family goes through it together. That’s why August is Family Month on Kitchn: to remind you of little ways to keep family first. Kitchn Editor-in-Chief Faith Durand knows just how to pull it off while keeping the whole family happy.
Jun 14, 2022
3 Tips for Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets — Which You CAN Do, We Promise!
Cabinets are the hardest-working, longest-lasting furniture in your kitchen — which means that, at some point, you’ve probably considered giving yours a facelift. Repainting your cabinets can be one of the most rewarding DIYs you’ll ever tackle. It can transform your whole kitchen for a fraction of the effort and expense of a renovation. Just ask Rachel, whose Chicago kitchen we recently gave a paint makeover.Intrigued?
Jul 26, 2022
This Kitchen Has a Clever Painted DIY That You Can Do This Weekend
There’s a lot to love in Rachel’s spacious and airy kitchen, which we recently gave a crisp and colorful makeover. Your eyes might go right to the walls (stunning!) or the cabinets (so fresh!). But there’s another painted detail that helps the room feel cohesive: the wall shelves and brackets coated with spray paint. It’s a small job that makes a big impact.
Jul 28, 2022
Before & After: A Kitchen Goes from Dated to Dazzling with a Paint Makeover
As with so many things in life, when it comes to color, more doesn’t always mean better. The kitchen in Rachel’s 19th-century Chicago home was spacious, bright, and airy — but a hodgepodge of paint colors and mismatched design choices detracted from all those positive features.“Every time I went into the kitchen I felt overwhelmed,” Rachel says. “The previous owners chose mint green to mimic the original color.
Jul 22, 2022
5 Genius Little Ways Our Editor-in-Chief Makes Eating Veggies Fun for Her Kids
There’s a reason July is Vegetable Month on Kitchn: Practically every veggie is in season right now. For Kitchn’s editor-in-chief Faith Durand, Vegetable Month is also a great opportunity to squeeze in more plant-based nutrition at the dinner table — for both the kids and the grownups. “We’re always hunting for ways to make it easier and even more delightful to pile on the veg,” she says.The first place Faith looks? Target!
Jun 14, 2022