This $12 Gadget Is the Best Thing I Ever Did for My Sink

updated Dec 9, 2019
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(Image credit: Faith Durand)

When I renovated my kitchen a couple years ago, I looked for any small, smart ways to improve the efficiency and flow of the kitchen. One of the easiest, cheapest little upgrades I made in my kitchen is an ingenious way to improve the sink and washing dishes.

It’s all about the soap dispenser, that little pump on the right. Do you know what’s underneath? If you guessed tiny, hard-to-refill soap bottle, you’d be wrong.

When I bought my soap dispenser pump, I immediately recycled the tiny plastic bottle that came with it. It’s the most inconvenient thing ever — unscrew that thing and refill with dish soap every few weeks? Especially with the volume of dishes around here? No thanks.

Enter my favorite kitchen gadget: the Never-MT.

Here is the actual scene under my sink!

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

See that giant bottle of soap? And see the tube coming out of the top? That goes straight up to the soap dispenser pump.

A bottle like this usually lasts me for a year. That means no refilling — when it’s empty, just pop the tube into a new bottle. So smart, right?

I got this idea from Lilian, when I did her kitchen tour:

Lilian explains the Never-MT here too, saying, “Never-MT is a simple kit with three feet of flexible tubing and an assortment of screw-on lids, each punched with a hole to fit the tube. Installation is easy. You pull off that woefully small plastic bottle that fits under your countertop soap dispenser. You stick one end of the flexible tubing directly to the bottom of your soap pump’s tube. You unscrew the cap from your Palmolive bottle (or whatever type of dish soap you use), find the Never-MT cap that matches, screw on the Never-MT cap and feed the other end of the flexible tube down to the bottom of the soap bottle.”

So ingenious, right? As Lilian says, refills be gone! This has definitely been one of my favorite small, smart ideas in the kitchen, and it can work anywhere you have a soap dispenser in the sink.

Buy it: Never-MT Soap Dispenser Conversion Kit, $16.40 on Amazon (no longer $12; this is the current price at time of publication)