5 Things You Should Always Buy at Dollar Stores, According to Grandmas

published Nov 18, 2021
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Shopping at dollar stores can feel like a treasure hunt, as you look for the best ways to get the most bang for your bucks. With stacks of displays and so many items to choose from, it can actually be a bit overwhelming. What to buy? For guidance, we asked three grandmas, who seem to know a thing or two when it comes to saving money, to tell us about their favorite things to buy at dollar stores. Here are their top five suggestions.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

1. Food Storage Containers

Most dollar stores have a vast selection of food storage containers of different shapes, sizes, and materials. (They can be a great place to stock up on Mason jars for dry goods!) “I’m always making enough food to prepare leftovers, which means I have a lot of plastic and glass containers that I get from the dollar store,” says Ellena Parra, a grandma with five grandchildren.

Noemi Martinez, a San Diego-based grandma with six grandchildren, agrees that dollar stores are great for picking up storage containers. “I’m raising my two grandchildren, so it’s important I always have containers to pack their food for school,” says Martinez. “Even if they lose them or break them, I can always count on dollar stores to have these containers.”

Credit: Sarah Crowley

2. Cleaning Supplies

While you might not always be able to find brand-name cleaning solutions at your local dollar store (it really does depend on the store), you can still find lots of great cleaning tools no matter where you’re shopping. “Usually, I buy cleaning accessories, like sponges and cleaning cloths,” says Parra. “These products are long-lasting, extremely affordable, and get the job done.”

Credit: Jason Rampe

3. Organizational Products and Storage Bins

Baskets, storage bins, and shelving units are wise purchases to make at dollar stores — especially if you need a lot of them! “I love keeping my kitchen cabinets organized,” says Martinez. “I’ve bought under-the-sink storage bins, hooks for dish towels, and pantry racks at dollar stores.”

Credit: Tess Wilson

4. Vases and Decorative Glassware

“I have a small garden, so I pick flowers regularly to have around my house, especially in the kitchen, where I spend most of my time,” says Maribela Torres, who has two grandkids and likes to display her freshly picked finds in vases from the dollar store. In addition to vases, other grandmas like to shop for candle holders, pitchers, and other glassware.

Credit: Ilva Beretta

5. Seasonal Decor

All three grandmas we spoke to said they shop for inexpensive holiday decor at dollar stores. Their lists included scented candles, placemats, seasonal dinnerware, and decorative trinkets.

“I always keep a tight budget for the holidays, but I also love to decorate my house for my grandchildren, so I buy my decor at different dollar stores to switch it up,” says Martinez. “There are many items that have lasted me for several years and have become sentimental to me and my family.”

What items do you like to buy at dollar stores? Tell us in the comments below.