6 Dollar-Store Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew About Earlier

updated Jul 16, 2020
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We’ve all seen the dollar-store makeovers (like this one!) and gasped over how a bunch of inexpensive little finds can turn total and utter chaos into a Pinterest-worthy pantry. I know I have! But then I go to the dollar store and stand there. Blankly. How can all these baskets, containers, and doo-dads make my kitchen a better place? Can you relate? I’m guessing you can, which is why I’ve done some digging to uncover the best hacks you can do with some dollar-store finds.

You’ll wish you knew about all of these ideas way earlier in life.

1. Hang a basket on the wall. 

We love a basket to organize cabinets and pantries. (Use them to group like things together, so you can just pull the basket out when you need it.) But if you’re short on cabinet or shelf space, you can also mount baskets ON YOUR WALL. Depending on its shape, you can use one to store cutting boards and cookbooks (see lead photo!). You can also use them to store fruits and veggies, oft-used cooking supplies (like olive oil, salt, and pepper), or to keep cleaning supplies at hand, but out of the way.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

2. Put a sponge holder in the fridge.

Sponge holders should really be called “anything holders” because, well, they can hold anything. Get one with a suction-cup backer and you can stick it up on the wall of your fridge and create a small bonus storage space for little packets and baggies.

3. Use shower caps to protect infrequently used serving pieces.

Browse through the bath/beauty department and you’re sure to find some inexpensive shower caps (most likely sold in bulk!). Get a few and use them to cover bowls and serving pieces that you just don’t use all that often. This way, when it IS time to use something, you can pull the cover off and the dish won’t be caked in dust.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

4. Use a cheap cutting board to help appliances slide in and out. 

Do you keep your stand mixer on your countertop? You do, right? Because it’s pretty! And it cost a pretty penny, too. But do you also groan when you have to pull said stand mixer out from the corner when you actually want to use it? Well, consider this ingenious tip from one of our readers: Put your appliance on a cheap cutting board to pull it out — and push it back — with ease. No more rubber feet skipping along on the counter!

Credit: Joe Lingeman

5. Use a dish drainer to organize kiddie plates.

If you have kids, you probably have a bunch of kiddie paraphernalia that doesn’t really go with your wedding china (or your IKEA plates, for that matter). Here’s a dollar-store solution for you: Dedicate part of a cabinet to kiddie stuff (and only kiddie stuff) and use a dish rack to organize it all. You’ll be able to make spots for plates, forks and knives, and sippy cups! 

Credit: Joe Lingeman

6. Use a shoe organizer to hold cleaning supplies.

Hang one of these shoe organizers over the door in your pantry (or hook it onto a blank wall in your laundry room) and use it to hold all of your cleaning supplies. And, if you can find one of those expandable shoe organizers (the one on the left here), hang it in your coat closet and use it for paper towels!

Do you have any other smart ideas? Share them in the comments below!