6 of the Best Free Friendsgiving Invitations

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If there was ever a time to send someone a digital invitation (we’d say Evite, but that’s trademarked!), Friendsgiving would be it. Friendsgiving walks an odd tightrope between a formal event and a casual get-together. You want something that’s a step above an email, but you don’t need to go all out with letter-pressed stationery. And you don’t want a Facebook invite, either (if you invite everybody via Facebook, all your friends will just click “Maybe” and then forget to show up!)

Send a digital invitation and everyone will know what type of party you are hosting. It sets the mood for the whole event and lets people know what to expect (like whether or not, say, pajama pants with elastic waists are permitted).

Here are some of the best free Friendsgiving invitations for whatever type of party you plan on throwing.

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  1. Eat Drink & Be Thankful, from Punch Bowl: This invitation is as cozy as a flannel blanket. It’s a great option if you want something traditional, homey, and not at all uptight or staid.
  2. Feast Mode, from Evite: You know everybody is going to rush through dinner to watch football, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. You grew up tailgating and some of those family recipes are definitely going to be served at your Friendsgiving. Is that you? Then this is the invitation for you.
  3. Food and Friends, from Minted: No one ever accuses you of beating around the bush. You get straight to the point and you want an invitation that does the same.
  4. Tasty Bites, from Evite: Use this invitation if your potluck will involve a cheese board, more than two pies, and/or kabocha squash. You’ve been planning this menu for months and this invitation helps illustrate that.
  5. Friendsgiving Floral, from Minted: You believe every dinner party should be fancy, and even though this is a Friendsgiving, you still intend to break out linen napkins, place cards, and the nicest serving platters you have. This invitation should get the job done.
  6. Shabby Square, from Greetings Island: Right now you’re having an absolute meltdown because you can’t decide if it’s more elegantly careless to serve Trader Joe’s cranberry orange sauce, or the jellied Ocean Spray one that comes out in the shape of the can. This is the invitation to choose if you are putting in a lot of effort to look like you’re just naturally cool, and not trying at all.