10 Can’t-Miss Deals From Staub’s Massive Cookware Sale — Yes, Including Their Iconic Dutch Oven

published Feb 14, 2023
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Good cookware isn’t hard to come by, but quality pieces at affordable prices? That’s another story. Here at Kitchn, we’re big fans of the luxurious Le Creuset, All-Clad, and similar brands known in large part for their expensive offerings. We’ve come to accept that every once in a while, you have to splurge. (It’s justified because you gain a skillet or baking dish that you use and cherish for years upon years!) For many of us, this is the case with Staub products. But right now, you don’t have to splurge as much to get your hands on one of their widely loved Dutch ovens or grill pans. Just head over to Zwilling, where you’ll find dozens of Staub pieces marked down as much as 70 percent during the site’s latest sale. Every single one of these products is built to last, so see our top picks below, and scope out your next kitchen essential.

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was $369.99

Yes, you're reading those numbers correctly — Staub's famous Dutch oven is marked down 70 percent! Of course, this is the tall version of the Cocotte, which is perfect for cooking in larger quantities and avoiding splatters on the stove. Other than that, it has all the amazing qualities of the OG, including an enamel interior that distributes heat like a dream and a tight-fitting lid that locks in moisture.

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was $229.00

Bring the outdoors in with this game-changing skillet. What makes it so special? Basically, you don't have to wait for temps to warm up to eat barbecue-style steak, seafood, and veggies — all complete with those appetizing sear marks. The grill pan's 10-inch diameter allows for ample cooking space, so you can prepare eats for the whole household right on the stovetop.

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was $129.00

When you consider the quality of these sturdy baking dishes, $25 a piece is an unbeatable deal. They measure 7.5 by 6 inches and 10.5 by 7.5 inches and are made from scratch-resistant ceramic that's as stylish as it is durable. When you're done with them, just stick them in the dishwasher and then stack them inside each other for easy storage.

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was $400.00

The Daily pan does it all. Specifically, it can braise, sauté, steam, and fry anything from chicken to skillet cookies. Whether you're preparing a quick breakfast or sitting down to dinner with the family, it'll be the piece you reach for most. The pan's glass lid retains moisture and lets you keep an eye on your food as it simmers, and its two handles allow for easy portability from stove to countertop.

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was $543.00

The Cocotte also comes in this roomy oval form, which is perfect for large-capacity meals such as a whole chicken. Spikes on the lid return liquids back onto the food, resulting in tender and flavorful roasts. This Dutch oven might come with slight blemishes such as chips or discoloration, but it still works as if it were as good as new.

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was $39.99

Bring Staub's legendary logo and cookware design to the table with these adorable ceramic bowls. Use them for anything from soup to cereal, and simply place them in the dishwasher when everyone's finished. For just $35, you get a set of two — which is a great price for stoneware that won't absorb moisture or succumb to scratches.

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was $371.00

Staub's traditional skillet can carry out the same functions as the Daily pan, though this versatile piece is marketed as a sauté pan and fry pan in one. Its high sides prevent greasy oil splatters and even allow for shallow-frying. Customers also love that this piece is practically nonstick. If you love all things crispy, the traditional skillet is for you!

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was $471.00

When you buy the Cocotte in the 3.75-quart size, it comes in a curvier shape that lends itself to stirring soups and stews. You'll also have no issue ladling your delicious concoctions after they're done brewing. This pot is the optimal low-effort cookware; all you have to do is throw in your ingredients and check on them from time to time. Then, you sit down to a restaurant-worthy meal!

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was $219.99

With this four-piece baking set, you get a rectangular baker, a 9-inch oval dish, and a square dish with its own lid. Each item is made from porcelain-glazed ceramic that won't chip or crack, even when warmed up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. What's more, all the dishes are oven-, microwave-, and broiler-safe.

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was $114.00

Impress guests with your dessert presentation when you serve up the mini crème brûlées in these to-die-for mini cocottes. They arrive in a set of three and are selling fast, but you can still get them in a vibrant cherry red. The small pots are also great for oven-baked side dishes, one-person meals, and dipping sauces.