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I’ve Had This All-Clad Pan for 10 Years and It Still Works Like New

published Jul 25, 2022
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Credit: Faith Durand

If you know me, you know where to find me: In the kitchen. At a friend’s house, at my parents’ house, at my house, heck! Sometimes you might even find me in a restaurant kitchen (if I know a cook or two that is). And it’s not just because I am naturally drawn to service (it’s the old Italian grandma in me, what can I say), it’s also because I love food. Like really, really love food. I love watching ingredients transform as they’re prepared, understanding their origin stories, playing with how they interact with one another. The way I know how to express that fascination and devotion? Cooking.

All of this is to say, I pay a lot of attention to every detail in my kitchen. Thanks to years of restaurant training, I know to clean my knife every time before I put it down, to label and store food systematically in my fridge, and to invest in high quality cookware for high-quality results. So bottom line, when it comes to the essentials in my kitchen, I’ll bust out the big bucks (even if it’s an infrequent occurrence) to ensure I am investing in pieces that will last a lifetime, and handle anything I throw at them. A prime example of an essential I rely on daily for trusted cooking help: My All-Clad Sauté Pan.

Out of all the cookware brands out there (of which there are many these days), All-Clad is a name that frequents all sorts of kitchens. In fact, most of us probably grew up heralding the beloved brand as #goals by the time we had a cookware arsenal of our own. And, well, I can’t say my childhood self was wrong. My All-Clad D3 Tri-Ply is truly the most used piece of cookware in my kitchen.

I love a saucepan. I think it’s the OG do-it-all piece and it always minimizes clean-up — those tall walls help to prevent splatters on my stove and spills when I overcrowd the pan. The pan’s broad base makes it a perfect substitute for a fry pan when completing daily cooking tasks like sautéing onions, pan frying salmon filets, even scrambling eggs. And thanks to All-Clad’s tri-ply construction — two layers of the highest quality stainless steel sandwich a lightweight and ultra heat-conducive aluminum core — the surface heats evenly and steadily and is never a pain to clean (even after said scrambled eggs).

Unlike a fry pan however, the tall sides mean this D3 can handle high volume tasks. Think simple stocks, reductions, braises, deep frying, plus a million other things. In fact, back before I discovered the wonders of an air fryer, I often used my Sauté Pan to whip up a batch of Sunday morning donuts. It also works beautifully for longer cooking adventures like toffee or risotto. Because both those recipes require endless stirring, the near 90 degree angle of the pan’s side eases the effort. It’s effortless to continuously circulate all the pans contents without worrying about any bits burning along the bottom or sides.

After a literal decade of use, there are no stains inside or on the underside of my pan. Oh and I’ve got a gas stove, but if you have an induction burner, fret not! This trusty essential works on all stovetops. In fact, despite some clear signs of use, like darkening along the seam of where the handle meets the base (you know the look of a pan well loved), there’s no difference in quality from its first to its 3,650th day of use. There’s not a lot of cookware out there that you can say that about!

I know the pricetag feels steep, but this pan is not only bound to be the most trusted piece of cookware, it’ll also become your kitchen BFF. Trust me, it’s been mine for years,