Only a True Star Wars Fan Can Appreciate This Gingerbread Masterpiece

Only a True Star Wars Fan Can Appreciate This Gingerbread Masterpiece

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 21, 2017

It's that time of year when gingerbread houses seem to be coming out of our ears. No, not literally, that sounds horribly painful, but you get the idea. If you have children you've probably been asked to assemble one. In the beginning this sounds fun, but 200 pounds of candy and icing in your carpet later all sanity has been lost.

Your interest might be regained in the craft of gingerbread, however, when you lay eyes on this festive Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars. It's huge!

You can find this masterful creation over at Star Wars Bakery on Instagram which has the interwebs all a flutter. Why? Well because it's the coolest thing in the history of ever and it's large enough that my vintage action figures might even be able to play inside. It's cool and less geeky if you call them action figures and not dolls right?

The mastermind behind the creation is the Star Wars Bakery, who not only assembled this bad boy at home, but then managed to transport it without breaking the creation. It's now located at DICE headquarters in Stockholm, where you can find the makers behind The Last Jedi video game and many others.

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Also in attendance on the Star Wars Bakery Instagram is a cute little TIE Fighter — if warships can be called cute that is. There's just something about the snow that makes it rather adorable. Maybe if Santa had this for a sleigh he could give the reindeer a night off!

In case these are not the spaceships you're looking for, the bakers also tried their hand at making the Millenium Falcon which makes my little fan-girl heart skip a beat. All it needs is a little Christmas Tree tied to the top.

Thank you Star Wars Bakery for making this holiday season a festive yet nerdy one!

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