10 Rumchata Cocktails That You Need to Make This Winter

10 Rumchata Cocktails That You Need to Make This Winter

Ariel Knutson
Dec 1, 2018
(Image credit: From Left to Right: Fashion Edible; Food Fanatic)

If you've ever thought about bottling up the resulting milk from a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and then adding alcohol to it (because why not?), I have a very special liqueur to tell you about. Rumchata is exactly what it sounds like: Rum mixed with cream, cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar (so kinda like a horchata). If that sounds dreamy, you're correct.

You could probably just take shots of this straight if that's your style, but it's also great when added to seasonal cocoas, nogs, and coffee. Here's a few recipes ideas to get you started if you're curious.

(Image credit: A Zesty Bite of Life)

1. Chocolate Marshmallow Rumchata Drink from A Zesty Bite of Life

It's a rule (I just made up this rule) that the FIRST drink you make with Rumchata has to involve chocolate. This drink uses vanilla vodka and chocolate sauce.

(Image credit: Savory Simple)

2. Vanilla Rumchata Milkshake from Savory Simple

As you might imagine, Rumchata is excellent when added to ice cream! This milkshake is an ideal way to confirm that relationship.

(Image credit: Fashion Edible)

3. Cinnamon Hot Chocolate with Rumchata from Fashion Edible

Are you seeing that cocoa-dusted whipped cream on top of this boozy hot chocolate? If yes, what are you waiting for?

(Image credit: Food Fanatic)

4. Rumchata Cinnamon Toast Latte from Food Fanatic

Like I said, this drink kinda tastes like a boozy version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk, so do yourself a favor and add it your weekend brunch.

(Image credit: Sunny Sweet Days)

5. Rumchata Egg Nog Cocktail from Sunny Sweet Days

If you aren't spiking your egg nog with Rumchata, what are you doing with your bland, vanilla life? Get it together.

(Image credit: Hungry Girl Por Vida )

6. Rumchata Spiked Coffee from Hungry Girl Por Vida

Get this: The recipe developer behind Hungry Girl Por Vida added even MORE rum to this drink, because she knows what's good for her. Also: she added black walnut bitters to this drink, and now I need to go research what that mystery ingredient entails.

(Image credit: The Wholesome Dish)

7. Drunken Pumpkin Latte from A Wholesome Dish

Pumpkin spice latte season may be waning, but that doesn't mean you need to abandon your favorite drink until next fall. Try this one out at home!

(Image credit: Farm Wife Drinks)

8. Cinnamon Roll Cocktail from Farm Wife Drinks

Does this count as a breakfast food? I think so, right?

(Image credit: Shake Bake and Party)

9. Hot Buttered Rumchata from Shake Bake and Party

Any cocktail that requires you to add BUTTER to the drink is a good cocktail by definition.

(Image credit: Food Fanatic)

10. Rumchata Chai Latte from Food Fanatic

Rinse and repeat: tea, spices, Rumchata. You can't lose here, people.

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