This Compact Measuring Set Is So Incredibly Useful, You’ll Reach for It Every Day

published Feb 15, 2022
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Credit: Cathy Pyle

Here at Kitchn, we are all about clever space savers. Whether it’s a TikTok-famous utensil caddy that can hold a whopping 30 tools or our favorite magnetic shelves that transform unused fridge space into extra storage, these items are ideal for anyone with a small kitchen or just looking to maximize space. Our latest find comes courtesy of Dash, one of our favorite brands for compact, budget-friendly kitchen gadgets. And while there are so many products we love from this brand, we think that this Rise by Dash Essentials Measuring Set might just be our favorite pick yet. 

If you’re not already familiar with Dash, they’re known around here for their bestselling mini waffle makers, a reader-favorite egg cooker, and an easy-to-store stand mixer for the home baker on a budget, just to name a few popular items. They’ve also recently released an exclusive line with Walmart, Rise by Dash, that includes simple small kitchen-friendly tools, gadgets, and appliances. While we loved the new releases that included a retro-looking coffee maker and a small batch rice cooker, there was one unassuming tool that really stood out to us. This amazing all-in-one measuring set blew us away with a whopping 15 pieces inside that all fit neatly together. Whether you’re a frequent baker or you’re just tired of cluttered drawers, this ingenious set is going to transform your kitchen. And it’s only $11!

Not only are all the necessary measuring cups and spoons included, but it also comes with additional tools that will be surprisingly useful. Inside you’ll find a handy funnel for pouring liquids or fine items like flour and spices without making a mess. There’s also a sifter for powdered sugar or making sure there aren’t hard lumps in your flour and sugar before mixing. We also love that there’s an egg separator that fits neatly on top, perfect for the next time you have to separate egg yolks without getting your hands dirty. Then, holding everything together is a leveler for precision baking that also doubles as a ruler on one side.

Of course, the best part about this little kit is that every single item stacks neatly inside the 4-cup measuring cup that’s also perfect for large amounts of liquid or pouring batter. And clocking in at just 8.5-inches long and 5-inches tall, you can store this entire set in any drawer or cabinet. It’ll hardly take up any space!

Rather than searching through a messy drawer or dealing with troublesome rings attached to measuring spoons and cups, you’ll be so excited to take this Dash measuring set out the next time you bake. It’s not hard to see why we think it will make for the perfect addition to any kitchen, big or small!