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This Is Your Holiday Reminder That You Can Actually Make Hot Chocolate with Just One Ingredient

published Dec 20, 2021
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When it comes to the winter season and drinks that keep you warm, it’s not always all about pumpkin spice lattes, warm apple cider, or hot mulled wines. If you’re anything like me, nothing warms you up like a good cup of hot chocolate. Whether it’s to start the day or to wind down on the couch with loved ones, a cup of hot chocolate with the little marshmallows inside always seems to hit the spot. Though I truly love hot chocolate in all forms, ever since I was a kid, the cocoa packets just never really felt right. Even when making chocolate milk, I always favored adding chocolate syrup versus cocoa powder because I could never get the mixture right with those darn packets.   

Occasionally, you come across an idea so simple, you cannot believe it was always right there under your nose the whole time. This week, Meghan Splawn of the popular Instagram account @didntijustfeedyou (and former Kitchn editor) took to their page to remind us of the most obvious hot chocolate secret of all: ditch the cocoa packets and heat up your chocolate milk. *Cue mind explosion animation.  

I know, it sounds crazy and you’re probably thinking, “how did I not think of this?” And trust me, you’re not alone. Gone are the days of clumpy powder and more importantly, it’ll take you less time to make. “Cocoa packets are kind of meh, plus you have to mix them up and if you get the milk or water too hot, you risk diluting the flavor with ice or cold liquids,” Meghan captioned the post.

Followers of the famed podcast took to the comments to praise Meghan for the semi-annual reminder. One commenter said, “most of the time I feel really smart and then you drop wisdom like this, and I just question my existence.” Truthfully, I can totally relate and I am right there in the same space. Best we take Meghan’s advice and make it easy on ourselves by heating up a nice cup of chocolate milk. 

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