This Game-Changing Amazon Find Is the Secret to Crispy Microwaved Bacon (and It’s on Sale!)

published Jun 9, 2022
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk

If you’re reading this then, like us, you probably feel a certain type of way about bacon. And that type of way is love, true love. The sizzling, spattering stuff that’s coated in a layer of beautifully savory grease just makes anything and everything a whole lot more delicious. Now, everyone likes their bacon cooked a little differently; a bit softer with some pull when you take a bite, super crunchy (aka the secret weapon in your sandwich), or maybe somewhere in-between.

It’s true that how well-done your want your strips can be a dangerously contentious breakfast conversation, but these days it seems like the biggest bacon debate is centered around how to prepare it. Some may pop it on a tray in the oven, others go the traditional route in a cast iron skillet, while others still are irreversibly committed to their air frying method.

While we’re not here to tell anyone that their bacon makin’ ways are wrong (in fact, there’s no incorrect way to make it, IMO), there is one truth that we believe every breakfast chef can agree on: sometimes there’s just not enough time in the morning to suit your go-to method. That’s where the Makin Bacon tray comes in. In fact, this handy tool might just steal a spot in your heart as the easiest, tastiest, and quickest way to get your bacon fix.

The Makin Bacon is a total game-changer, as explained by one contented reviewer “… because the bacon doesn’t sit in the fat while cooking, it is crisper and less greasy. It also cooks faster.” Three t-shaped arms dangle the strips in mid-air, allowing for ultimate crispiness as the grease drips off and the microwave’s heat reaches virtually every square centimeter of the bacon at the same time. This ingenious gadget results in, as another customer shared: “All the bacon taste with NO grease,” confirming that they “like the bacon cooked in this thing better than bacon cooked in the skillet.”

But don’t worry, the dripping fat (the reason for the minimally greasy strips) doesn’t make for a messy cleanup. The deep grooves in the tray below capture all the drippings, so you never have to worry about grease pooling on your microwave plate. In fact, the collected grease may just turn out to be a lot more than you expected. “I’m amazed at how much fat was in the tray when done,” said one reviewer. Plus, when all is said and done, washing the gadget is a breeze. “I drained the fat into the trash, ran the hot water, and placed it under the faucet. Every single speck came off with just rinsing,” shared one bacon-lover, adding “It’s dishwasher safe, but I just gave it a couple of scrubs with a sponge and Dawn dish soap and there was no trace of grease left.” Easy as can be!

The Makin Bacon works for all cuts of bacon, from thick-sliced smoked bacon and Canadian bacon to rashers. Depending on the wattage of your microwave — and the style of bacon you’re cookin’ up — it can take as little as one minute per slice to achieve the perfect golden crisp. “Bless the sweet little soul of the adorable girl on the package who brought bacon back into my life,” wrote one customer, thanking the founder (an eight-year-old girl who still owns the company), “One minute in the microwave for each piece of bacon and it comes out perfectly.”

Basically, what we’re saying is that if you love bacon, you need this game-changing device. Or, as one reviewer put it: “This should come with every microwave sold.”

Buy: The Original Makin Bacon Microwave Bacon Tray, $14.99 (normally $17.95)