15 Sizzling Gifts for Your Bacon-Loving Friends

published Oct 2, 2021
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Credit: Lauren Volo

There are people who love bacon, and then there are people who LOVE bacon. You know who we’re talking about! Because you’re probably one of them. And you’re likely surrounded by more bacon-lovers. Which brings up the question: What should you buy for the bacon-lovers on your shopping list? Bacon gifts!

If you’re shopping for someone who can easily work bacon into a single day’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we can help. These are the best bacon gifts to buy right now.

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With this generous box, recipients will get to sample four different types of premium bacon, each with their own unique flavor, cut, and style. It’s the best way for someone to become the bacon master they knew they were always meant to be.

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Peter Luger may be famous for their out-of-this-world steaks, but those in the know covet the restaurant's bacon, too. With extra-thick cuts and a signature smoky flavor it’s the perfect way to help someone make Sunday breakfast a little extra special. Or help someone up their burger game. This shipment contains six packages, each with five strips, so there will be plenty to experiment with.

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Stonewall Kitchen

A tempting mix of three types of peppers and smoky bacon are used to make this jam that is destined to become everyone's new favorite ingredient. Put a bow on the jar and tell your friend to use it to upgrade grilled cheese, top a pizza, or slather it onto their breakfast sandwich for a real treat. Once again, bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

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We can’t resist a sweet and salty combo! And while chocolate and bacon have been paired together for years, and so have chocolate and potato chips, this is the first time we’ve seen all three together. And, let’s just say: It works!

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The Baconer

Candied bacon truly is a finger-licking-good treat. Help take the guesswork out of shaking up the perfect mix of spices with this foolproof blend that includes black pepper, chilies, and dark brown sugar.

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Hive Brands

Bacon anytime and anywhere — no griddle required. For real! These sticks take traditional jerky to a whole new level with a classic breakfast flavor we all love. Bacon stans who also like to hike? This stuff makes the perfect gift!

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Great Jones

Our editors have perfected the bacon-making process — in the oven. It’s easy, less messy, and still makes your kitchen smell great. Pair that with a sexy sheet pan (yes, that does exist) that our editors also love, and you’ve got a recipe for bacon-making success.

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Williams Sonoma

Some people like their bacon on the softer side (you do you, that’s fine), but most of us like to hear a nice crunch when we bite into a crispy piece. A bacon press helps keep pork flat as it cooks, creating more contact with the pan, which makes for a very easy way to get the crunchiest results — every single time.

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We’re all familiar with the phrase, “Now we’re cooking with grease!” but most of us don’t actually have a supply of tasty grease at our fingertips. That can all change with this storage can. It has a built-in strainer to help remove food particles and holds up to 6 cups of grease.

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Sur La Table

Bacon and eggs is a duo that has stood the test of time. Put them together on a spatula (which is especially handy for scrambled eggs)? Well, that's just downright adorable. Your friends are sure to think so too. Pair it with some tongs and a pancake flipper, and tie them up like a bouquet of flowers for the ultimate gift presentation.

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Now we’re getting to the gifts that the people who REALLY LOVE bacon are going to appreciate. These cufflinks will give a not-so-subtle nod to someone's favorite breakfast treat. They're sure to be a hit during any business meeting!

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Sure, it’s nice for your special someone to sport a sweatshirt touting their alma mater, but we think it’s even cooler to show off their pride for the ultimate breakfast food.

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A Christmas tree really should show off the personality of those who decorate it. So go on, give this glass ornament to the family who always has a few slabs of the good stuff sizzling away on Sunday morning.

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An early morning riser is sure to get a chuckle out of this clever (and soft) tea towel every time they see it.

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Help someone enjoy the yummy smell of their beloved breakfast food or burger topper — without all the cleanup. This soy-based candle will give off the comforting aroma of maple and bacon for up to 50 hours.