Look! Brand New Blue Ball Canning Jars

updated May 2, 2019
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It wasn’t that long ago that you could pick up old blue canning jars for just a few quarters at your local thrift shop. Now they’re a hot vintage item and you’re likely to pay ten times that amount or more, if you can even find them. But the blue jar situation is no longer so difficult, or expensive, thanks to Ball, the 125 year old producer of canning equipment. In honor of the 100 year anniversary of the first Ball canning jar, they’ve released the vintage-style-but-brand-new blue-toned Heritage Jar collection.

The jars are pint-sized and come in packs of 6. They’re twice as expensive as the clear jars ($12.99 for 6 versus $12.99 for 12, on the Ball website) but they certainly cost less than their vintage cousins which can run as high as $20.00 each.  

The blue jars are popular as wedding decor, or to hold miscellaneous items such as cotton balls and buttons. They have been repurposed for hanging lamps, drinking glasses, vases and soap dispensers. Not many people can with the old jars (there can be problems getting a good seal with modern lids) which is another reason why Ball’s reissue is so exciting.  Blue canning jars you can actually use for canning!

Ball is calling this a limited edition release, so they won’t be around forever.  

Buy It → Ball Heritage Collection Pint Jar 6-pc/1-pt, $12.99 from Ball brand canning products, or $12.77 from Amazon 

(Image: Ball)