This Woman Figured Out the Best Way to Order LaCroix Online

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LaCroix is taking over the world. If you don’t have an overwhelming sparkling water habit, you probably know someone who does. Once a person has a taste for fizzy, fruit-flavored water, it can be hard to get enough of it. Now one intrepid LaCroix fan has launched a deep-dive investigation into the best way to get LaCroix online, and we can all benefit from the fruits of her labor.

In New York Magazine’s The Strategist, writer Mary Jane Weedman recounts a long, nerdy tale of spreadsheets and online sources for LaCroix. In the end she says she bought 300 cans, all to figure out which website has the best deal on sparkling water.

It can be tough to maintain an adequate supply of sparkling water. An adult with a LaCroix habit can go through an absurd number of cans in a week. Two adults in a household could easily crush a case in a day. In my house, sparkling water prompts the vast majority of our grocery store trips. We run out of lemon seltzer way more often than bread, cheese, or other reasonable grocery staples. In fact, we almost never run out of anything except seltzer, because we’re always going to the store for seltzer, and we just wind up picking up all our other groceries while we’re there.

“Can you drop by the store? We’re out of seltzer again,” I text my husband several times a week. “Oh, and pick up some milk and bread while you’re there. We might run out soon.”

In a scientific effort to figure out the best way to get LaCroix to her house, Weedman ordered 300 cans through every online vendor she could find. She compared Seamless, Amazon Prime Pantry, Boxed, Jet, FoodKick, and even Staples and Office Depot. She found some amazing deals, too. (Office Depot is a great place to order LaCroix. Who knew?)

In the end, she had great things to say about the speed and value of FoodKick, FreshDirect’s same-day New York delivery service. She also notes that Amazon Fresh offers the best price-per-can deals, if you’re already paying the $15 monthly subscription fee anyway. You can read her complete analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the various online LaCroix vendors here.

Now we just need to figure out how to fit all those LaCroix cans in the recycling bin.

Where’s your favorite place to buy LaCroix?