How a Roll of Masking Tape Can Help You Cut Down on Kitchen Clutter

updated May 1, 2019
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It’s no secret how much we love masking tape to help organize the freezer. (See: The Most Important Tool for an Organized Freezer.) Unfortunately, we worry we’ve been selling the sticky stuff short. Because it can actually be used to help organize — wait for it — your entire kitchen!

Keep reading to find out how.

This idea comes from a post we wrote on the five things to organize first thing in the morning. For that story, we spoke with Kate Varness of Green Light Organizing, who suggested tagging small appliances with a dated sticky note. You take off the sticky note when you use something and, six months later, whatever gadgets still have the paper on them, can go into the donate pile.

It’s such an ingenious idea and works for so many things in addition to small appliances. Instead of using multiple stacks of sticky notes, however, we suggest using pieces of masking or painter’s tape. Just rip off small pieces and put them on the bottom of platters, the handles of wooden spoons, the cord of your bread maker … anywhere that’s inconspicuous.

As you use the item, take the piece of tape off. And then do a check to see what hasn’t been used in six months. For seasonal items (like Popsicle molds and pie pans, for example), you can give yourself a full 12 months — just make sure you actually go back and do this check.

This will force you to do a gut check. We all love the idea of being someone who hosts tons of dinner parties and needs a cabinet full of platters, but if you haven’t used something in six to 12 months, you probably won’t ever use it. (You can certainly make some exceptions — but not too many!)

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