This Game-Changing Gourmet Spice Is My New Go-To for Avocado Toast (Sorry, Everything Bagel Seasoning!)

published Sep 14, 2023
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Credit: Sarah Crowley

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to most things — and certainly when it comes to my breakfast routine. On days when I’m working from home, I rely on my trusty avocado toast and eggs to start my day. I usually dress up my toast with cherry tomatoes and Everything Bagel seasoning, but after doing this combo for years, this routine started to become super, well, blah. I’ve mixed things up by sprinkling it with pomegranate seeds, but that’s just too much work when I’m in a rush, so I knew the easiest fix would be to scout out a new seasoning.

After searching high and low, I finally found it. My new go-to avocado toast companion? Just Spices’ Avocado Topping seasoning. I mean, avocado is literally in the name, so it was truly meant to be. Unlike many other spices you buy at the store, this one feels so fresh and gourmet. It’s super crunchy and flaky, and you can instantly taste the difference in the quality of the spices. Luckily, Just Spices has an entire lineup of other delicious spices that you’ll want to add into your routine, too!

What Is Just Spices’ Avocado Topping?

If you’re like me and don’t have a lot of time and money to spend on cooking at home, Just Spices is the perfect solution to add an instant pop of character to your weeknight dinners (or breakfast!). I’m not kidding when I say you can immediately notice the difference when using Just Spices versus a random spice jar you buy at the grocery store. The ingredients are beyond flavorful and taste so much fresher. The Avocado Topping includes a mix of sea salt flakes, black sesame seeds, tomato, black Tellicherry peppercorns, chili peppers, and pink peppercorns. Together, they create an elevated version of everyone’s favorite Everything Bagel seasoning. One jar contains approximately 40 servings, depending on how generous of a sprinkle you’re using. Fair warning, you might have a heavy hand when pouring it out because this stuff is good.

If you’re not familiar with Just Spices, that’s because the brand just made its way to the United States this year. The company first went to market in 2014 in Europe with one mission in mind: to offer all-in-one seasonings to make cooking any and every dish a total breeze (and so you don’t have to buy 10 seasonings to make one dish).

Credit: Tamara Kraus

Why I Love Just Spices’ Avocado Topping

TL;DR: Just Spices’ Avocado Topping was made specifically to jazz up avocado toast, so if you’re a frequent avocado toast eater like myself, you absolutely need to have this gem stocked up in your pantry. I’ve never tasted spices that are as crunchy, flaky, and fresh as this one from Just Spices. I’m not one who enjoys shopping for groceries or spending hours in the kitchen, so Just Spices’ Avocado Topping and lineup of Allrounders are the ultimate solution for elevating weekday meals in an instant — and without sacrificing quality or depleting your wallet. Plus, if you have a tiny kitchen like me, these all-in-one spices cut down on cabinet clutter too.

Just Spices was kind enough to send me a sampling of their other spices, and I might experiment with adding those to my avocado toast next for a fun little twist on this brunch staple. From their collection of dish-specific Allrounder seasonings (including BBQ, Burger, Chicken, and Greek) to other toppings like Egg, Guacamole, and Stir Fry, Just Spices is about to become your new BFF in the kitchen. (I know it is in mine!) Consider these versatile, easy-to-use pantry staples your sous chef. They’ll save you so much time and money — and they’ll stop you from getting bored in the kitchen.