This Unusual (but Editor-Loved) Avocado Toast Chocolate Bar Is So Popular It Keeps Selling Out — but It’s Back in Stock Right Now

published Jul 31, 2023
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four avocados sit on a marble table peeled, diced, and laid out in different ways
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Stylist: Jesse Szewczyk

Some products are so good, they sell out in no time, and it’s no wonder why. For instance, you might’ve had to act fast to get your hands on a Stanley Quencher in your dream color, or perhaps you signed up for promotional emails just so you’d be alerted when Made In restocked their fan-favorite utility knife. Today, we have an equally exciting, albeit slightly unusual, restock to share with you. Compartés, the brand behind the gourmet chocolate bars that come in all kinds of whimsical flavors, just dropped its best-selling Avocado Toast Chocolate Bar after it repeatedly sold out. Now, I hear you — when thinking about new chocolate flavors you’re dying to try, this savory breakfast staple probably isn’t at the top of your list. But one of our contributors tried the bar, herself, when it initially took the internet by storm, and her opinion of it might surprise you.

Besides, if you go based on what Compartés shoppers think, this is the sweet treat of the season. There’s no telling if or how fast this drop will sell out this time around, so now’s your chance to be bold and snag an adorably wrapped bar for yourself (or a loved one!).

What is the Avocado Toast Chocolate Bar?

Contrary to what you might imagine, this tasty treat doesn’t contain chunks of avocado, sourdough, everything bagel seasoning, and other ingredients you might find in actual avocado toast. In reality, it’s made with Compartés signature white chocolate, which is then blended with California avocados. What results is a creamy, sweet dessert punctuated by tiny bits of “toast” that add a nice crunch. Priced at $10, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill candy bar, but its decadent makeup, velvety texture, and luxe packaging make the bar great for gifting or for those occasions when you want to get a little fancy with your post-dinner treats.

Credit: Compartes

What Our Writer Had to Say

Kitchn contributor Claire miraculously got her hands on the cult-favorite Avocado Toast bar back in 2019, when it was initially making the rounds on Instagram. Not surprisingly, she expected it to be a gimmick but was delighted to find that the light-green chocolate bar actually tastes great. “I’m shook,” she wrote in her review. “This chocolate bar tastes nothing like avocado toast, even though California avocados feature prominently on the ingredients label. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good.” She went on to add that it “tastes like a rich white chocolate studded with salty bread crumbs; basically petite punches of salt swim on a lake of hardened custard.”

In other words, you’re not just paying for buzzy packaging, but also for a rich, summery treat that you might just want to eat in one sitting. First, however, you have to snag it while it’s still available. So go ahead — we’re eager to hear what you think!