Jessie James Decker Reveals Her Secrets for Feeding Her Family of Six [Exclusive]

published Mar 23, 2024
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jessie james decker cooking diary
Credit: Photos: Diana King, The Kitchn, Lucy Schaeffer, Alex Lepe; Design: The Kitchn

Despite having a full plate, country singer-songwriter Jessie James Decker seems to manage family and business life with ease. She recently welcomed her fourth child, a baby boy named Denver, with husband Eric Decker, and the entire family is reveling in that newborn bliss. Perhaps less excitingly, those sleepless nights. But Decker notes this will likely be her last child so she’s soaking it all in.

However, when it comes to work there are no signs of her slowing down, whether she’s in the studio, designing a new line for her clothing brand Kittenish, or slaying in the kitchen. In fact, her latest song “Lose Control” was recorded a week before Denver was born. 

Decker’s love of food, cooking, and entertaining can be traced back to her Southern roots growing up in Nashville. She enjoys making meals from her latest cookbook, Just Eat, for her family and friends. Building off the success of her first cookbook, Just Feed Me, Decker shares her favorite comfort food recipes as well as dishes inspired by her travels and what she grows in her own home garden. 

She also recently partnered with Waterloo Sparkling Water and infuses its new flavors into her recipes. “I’ve been a fan of Waterloo Sparkling Water for a while now and was really inspired by their fruit-forward flavors. As a busy mom of now four, I also knew I wanted to create recipes that are quick and easy to make at home and that the whole family will love,” Decker says. 

For this edition of Cooking Diary, Jessie James Decker tells us the meals she likes to make for her family of six, the foods she craved while pregnant, and the sweet treat she can never turn down. 

Did you have any cravings during this pregnancy? 

My cravings were pretty much all carbs! I wanted bread, donuts, cinnamon rolls — all the good stuff!

Do you have any food prep tips that make mealtime easier? 

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned, it’s that food prepping is a lifesaver. Whether for breakfast, after-school snacks, or anything in between, having ready-to-grab options that my kids gravitate towards is a huge help. Muffins have become one of my go-tos when food prepping. The kids love them before school or sports practices, and they last throughout the week. I incorporated Waterloo’s delicious Summer Berry flavor into my muffin recipe, and they have been a hit. The carbonation in sparkling water is great for baking, creating a lighter, and fluffier texture.  

What are three food items you always have stocked in your pantry or fridge?

I always have a pretty full fridge. I grocery shop pretty much every day. I like everything to be fresh. You will never see my fridge without salted and unsalted butter. I keep that stuff stocked. I always have Parmesan cheese and bacon too.

Credit: Photos:Waterloo Sparkling Water, Kelli Foster, Alex Lepe ; Design: The Kitchn

What do you typically have for breakfast?

We have chickens, so I always have scrambled eggs in the morning with a slice of toast, bacon, and avocado. 

What are some of your kids’ favorite snacks? 

My kids love fruit and veggies with ranch dressing (which I owe to Eric!). I didn’t grow up craving fruit or vegetables. I was a meat, cheese, and bread kind of girl.

You recently came out with your latest cookbook, Just Eat? What’s your favorite recipe from it?

One of my favorite recipes from Just Eat is probably my chicken thigh bake. It’s hearty, delicious, and feeds the whole family.

What go-to dish do you make when you have guests coming over? 

I always have a salad on the menu when entertaining. I’m so ready for BBQs in our backyard with family and friends this summer.

What’s your ultimate comfort food? 

Of course, fried chicken! It’s the Southern girl in me. My other ultimate comfort food is chocolate chip cookies. I never turn them down.

The kids are all put to bed. What are you having as a midnight snack?

I’ve been making homemade granola lately, and that has been my midnight snack. I just love oats and pecans.