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The $3 Lunch Staple I Always Stash in My Fridge

published Jun 27, 2023
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H Mart, Asian food, Korean Grocery Store in Portland
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I’m from a carb-loving family, and I eat noodles at least two times a week. A popular summer recipe of mine is making cold peanut sesame noodles, but sometimes (read: during really hot summer days) even this recipe is too much to handle. In New York City, in my tiny little apartment without air conditioning, temperatures rival my Aussie childhood living in the Outback. 

So turning on the stove to cook noodles is not something I contemplate. But with House Foods tofu shirataki spaghetti, I can still create my favorite noodle dishes without turning on the stove. 

Credit: Michelle Tchea

What’s So Great About House Foods Tofu Shirataki Spaghetti?

Found in the refrigerator section of popular grocery stores, like 99 Ranch Market, ACME, H Mart, and Whole Foods, shirataki noodles are a blessing in disguise for people who love noodles in every form. The noodles are made from soybeans and konjac flour, a Japanese root vegetable, which makes the texture of the noodles incredibly bouncy and chewy. They are flavorless, but this just means they take on the flavor of whatever sauce you mix them with.  

The beauty of this ingredient is that it’s pre-cooked, so there’s no need to turn on the stove. Essentially you just open the packet, drain the excess liquid, place your noodles in a bowl, and mix in your favorite sauce. That’s it — really! 

Just like pasta shapes, there are different shirataki noodle varieties you can get nowadays. I personally love the spaghetti, but you can also find fettuccine, angel hair, and macaroni, so it can match with almost any sauce or dressing you want.

Credit: Michelle Tchea

What’s the Best Way to Use House Foods Tofu Shirataki Spaghetti?

You can start with my favorite: I toss the thinly shaped noodles in a simple soy sauce and sesame mix until they’re completely coated in saucy goodness. Try adding them to an easy peanut sauce and a bit of soy sauce, before garnishing with some spring onions (to make it look like you put in more effort than you really did). Either one makes a great lunch or light dinner with very little effort. 

And if you want to really make a bigger meal out of it, treat the shirataki noodles as you would for your favorite noodle stir-fry. Cut any of your favorite raw vegetables into long strips. Add in batons of tofu straight from the carton, if you please, or even make a simple egg omelet (if you’re up for some stovetop time), cut into cute ribbons, and serve with other ingredients, like natto (Japanese fermented soybeans). It’s an unbeatable combination, and one that requires minimal cooking, if any.

With hardly any cooking and minimal prep, shirataki noodles continue to be my secret summer go-to when the temperatures soar and I need dinner in a flash without compromising on taste, texture, or flavor.

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What’s your secret summer go-to when temperatures soar? Tell us about it in the comments.