I’m a Former Barista, and This Easy-to-Use, Single-Serving Coffee Maker Is the Last One I’ll Ever Buy (It Makes a Great Gift!)

published Oct 23, 2023
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Credit: Amazon / Hario

If there’s one thing I love buying too much of, it’s coffee gear. However, despite owning an Aeropress, a Moka pot, a French press, and an espresso machine, I always find myself drifting back to drip coffee. Unfortunately, my tiny NYC apartment isn’t big enough to house the one I really want, which is why I’m always on the hunt for space-saving coffee makers. I’ve always been a big fan of pour-over coffee, but it can be tricky to dial in the technique — and I don’t usually feel very precise first thing in the morning. That’s why I was originally drawn to the easy brewing action of the French press: You just whack in your grinds and hot water, wait a while, then strain and enjoy. The only problem is that I hate the gritty texture of French press coffee. So, when I heard that Hario, one of my favorite brands, made a gadget that promised the easy functionality and rich flavor of French press coffee without the grit — and without the technique of a pour-over — I knew I had to have it. So, after a month of testing it out, I have to say that the Hario V60 Immersion Dripper might just be the last coffee maker I’ll ever buy. (Plus, it’s on sale right now!) 

What Is the Hario V60 Immersion Dripper?

The Hario V60 Immersion Dripper is essentially the classic pour-over I know and love, with one big catch: the metal stopper at the bottom. While this doesn’t sound like a huge deal on its face, what it actually does is turn the standard V60 into a hybrid immersion brewer and pour over. What that means is you get all of the benefits of pour-over (quick, flavorful, drip-style coffee) with all of the benefits of a French press (high extraction, full body). Just pop one of the included filters into the pour-over, give it a quick rinse, then add hot water and ground coffee into the V60, and wait about two minutes. Once the coffee has steeped, use the plastic switch to activate the stainless steel ball valve, which allows coffee to flow through the filter directly into your mug. It’s that easy: There’s no blooming, no monitoring your flow rate, no worrying about accuracy when pouring — in fact, you don’t even really need to use a gooseneck kettle. 

Credit: Amazon / Hario

Why I Love the Hario V60 Immersion Dripper

I think the main draw for me is the ease of use. You kind of just set it and forget it, and you don’t have to stand over it and baby it for five minutes in the morning. Plus, the coffee tastes great — there’s no grit, you get great extraction, and the number two size makes just enough for a single serving. It’s also easy to clean and super compact, which is perfect for small-space living. On top of that, you can also just leave the switch down and use it as a traditional pour-over, if you want, which makes it a two-in-one gadget, as well. I’m not the only fan, either. With over 1,000 five-star reviews, it’s a favorite among Amazon shoppers. “When it comes to specialty coffee, I urge everyone to purchase the Hario Switch, as it truly is an all-in-one manual coffee brewer,” one reviewer writes. “You can simply do a pour & steep for a rich, balanced cup with minimal effort; or you can open the Switch and make a traditional pour over.” 

For anyone looking to streamline their morning routine with an easy-to-make, delicious cup of coffee, the Hario V60 Immersion Dripper is a great choice — plus, it’s on sale right now. And, with the holidays season in full swing, it also makes an incredible gift for the coffee-obsessed loved one in your life! 

Buy: Hario V60 Immersion Dripper, $27.25 (normally $43.50)