15 Pretty Spring Easter Table Decor Ideas (That Aren’t Just Bunnies!)

published Mar 17, 2024
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A beautiful spring Easter picture with spring flowers, a candle and colorful chicken and quail eggs
Credit: Mariia Zotova / Getty Images

And just like that, Easter 2024 is already just around the corner. It’s officially time to start checking things off your to-do list: Gather the Easter basket candy, pick up egg dyeing kits (or make all-natural Easter egg dye!), and plan Easter dinner. Oh, and in case you need some help planning your Easter table decor, don’t worry. 

Your Easter table decor will set the tone for the celebration and establish an ambiance that defines the dining room for the day. If you aren’t sure where to start, scroll through the ideas below for inspiration. Prepare for darling bunnies, stunning pastels, spring vibes, and, of course, plenty of colorful Easter eggs! 

Credit: Joe Lingeman

1. Enjoy Easter egg bowls.

Nothing says “Easter” like pastel-colored eggs! Use these fun Easter crafts to decorate your table by dyeing them in pastel shades like pink, yellow, and blue. Place them in a light-colored bowl to complete the spring look. Have a few dozen eggs? Put them in multiple bowls and place them in several spots on the table so everyone gets a pretty peek. These adorable green bowls are perfect for the occasion!

2. Spring into nature.

Looking for Easter table decor that ties in nature? Try this adorable setup. Use white plates, some faux birds’ nests for bowls, and burlap accents like napkin holders to create a natural spring scene. Put small eggs in the nest to add an extra touch of spring beauty. 

3. Pair white tulips with pastel vases.

An Easter table isn’t complete without some fresh flowers, and white tulips are the perfect spring flowers for bringing simple elegance to the table. White pairs well with pastels, so including these tulips in a pastel-colored vase as a centerpiece will create a classic look for Easter dinner. Don’t be surprised if you get a compliment (or two) on it!

4. Give guests surprise eggs.

Serve your guests a little fun with dinner by creating these adorable surprise Easter eggs. This fun craft is easy to put together — you just need eggs, bowls, small muffin tins, and the candy of your choice. If you’re feeling cheeky, add a funny note beside each egg. Check out the tutorial for yourself! 

5. Make it pretty in (pastel) pink.

Move over, Valentine’s Day — it’s time for Easter to be pretty in pink. Pastel pink is a nice mid-tone you can pair with a variety of colors, like olive green, gold, or white. Pair pink plates with different colored bowls or plates to really bring out the color’s beauty. Don’t forget to pick up pastel pink accent table pieces, like candles and flowers, to tie the look together. 

Credit: Etsy

6. Opt for Easter-themed placemats.

Placemats play an important role in any holiday dinner: to limit the amount of spills and splatter on your tablecloth. It sounds like a grubby job, but make no mistake — placemats make excellent additions to your Easter table decor, too. The trick is to find one that accents your style. For instance, this Easter wreath placemat pairs nicely with classic and minimalistic decor and serveware. 

7. Embrace minimalistic bunny decor.

Bunnies are staples in Easter decor, and there are several ways to spotlight them on your table. If you’re going for a simpler scheme but still want the Easter bunny as an honored guest, add some minimalistic bunny statues to your spread. They’ll match your style while still honoring the bunny tradition! Add bowls with simple bunny illustrations for an extra dose of adorable dinner decor. 

8. Arrange a carrot and flower centerpiece.

Yup, we’re using carrots for decor! Carrots are a bunny’s favorite treat, after all — they should have a nice spot at the dinner table (besides in a dish to pass). Place full carrots and a few flowers in a chic clear vase to create this unique Easter centerpiece that’s sure to catch your guests’ eyes. Need a flower to complete it? Add the Easter lily for a lovely touch of holiday cheer. 

9. Create a pastel paradise.

This Easter table decor is perfect if you want to go all out with the classic holiday color scheme. Pastels are pale tones, but don’t let their subtleness fool you — when combined, they create a rich color scheme that evokes the excitement and newness of spring. Layer different colored pastel table pieces, like plates and bowls, over a checkered pastel tablecloth to bring these colors together in a cohesive (and super cute!) fashion. 

10. Get elegant with golden eggs. 

A great thing about Easter eggs is that you can decorate them however you please. Those opting for a more elegant Easter dinner table can paint eggs with wonderful shades of gold and copper, then decorate them with flowers or other designs. Don’t have time to paint? No worries — just snag some decorative golden eggs. If you still want to add some pastel in the mix, place the eggs on pastel blue plates for some pops of color. 

11. Pair pastels.

Don’t want all the pastel colors at your table? Pair two together and create a decor scheme around them instead. Two pastel colors that go nicely together are blue and pink. Pink adds an intriguing pop of color that complements blue’s serene vibe. Include flowers in hues of orange and white in the centerpiece to add more touches of color to your table.   

12. Draw the eye in with spring flowers and Easter eggs.

Add a traditional touch to your spread with a beautiful centerpiece featuring spring flowers and eggs. You can buy a centerpiece like this or create it yourself by gathering some wax flowers, Easter eggs, and plants like lavender, chrysanthemums, and hydrangeas to create a fresh aesthetic for the centerpiece. 

Credit: Joe Lingeman

13. Make yellow tulips the star.

Move over, Easter hamyellow tulips are the stars of this year’s holiday. Give your Easter table a nice touch of spring by putting vases of these beautiful flowers throughout its center. The bright pops of yellow will draw attention to your table — especially if you have a neutral color scheme for the rest of your decor. Put the flowers in different sized vases to add some variety to their look. 

Credit: Ioana Motoc / Pexels

14. Make room for adorable eggs.

Your Easter table decor can be both stunning and sweet! Add some fun to your holiday table by drawing cute faces on dyed Easter eggs, placing them in mini nests, and putting those on small plates at your guests’ seats. Use small faux flowers, glitter, or other craft pieces to add character to these cute little yolks. 

Credit: Mikhail Nilov / Pexels

15. Fold cute bunny napkins.

How many opportunities will you have to break out some bunny napkins at dinner? Add a festive Easter touch to the table by folding bunny napkins for your guests’ plates. All you need are cloth napkins, eggs, twine, and a little creativity.