This Viral Spring Centerpiece Idea Is Perfect for Easter — And It’s So Easy

published Apr 5, 2023
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A vase of tulips on a table
Credit: Cavan Images / Getty Images

Now that spring has officially sprung, we can’t help but want to bring the colorful explosion of blooms happening outside inside to our table and countertops. Never underestimate the mood-lifting power of the smell of fresh flowers filling a room. If you’re looking for the perfect spring centerpiece idea for your Easter brunch — or just an easy way to brighten your kitchen — we have just the ticket. And, of course, we have TikTok to thank for this simple brilliance.

This Trader Joe’s centerpiece idea is going viral, for good reason — it’s simple, inexpensive, and super customizable. And did we mention it’s adorable, too? All you need to pull it off are some fresh cut flowers, jumbo whole carrots, and a clear glass vase. Now, just watch how easy your new favorite spring centerpiece will come together.

That’s it! Some tutorials, like the one shown here, use two glass vases in order to separate the carrots from the tulips, with one sitting inside the other. Others put them together in one vase. The perk of putting the carrots in their own vase and submerged in water is that they’ll actually be perfectly fine to eat when you’re ready to disassemble your centerpiece. It’s also a great way to use carrots that you might not get a chance to eat before they go bad. Peeling your carrots is optional, but if they’re rather dirty on the outside, you may want to consider it.

We love the tulips and peony tulips from Trader Joe’s that usually go for under $10, but, of course, any cut tulips or other flowers of your choice work, too. For some added color, opt for multi-color carrots, or leave the greens on top of the carrots to create a fuller, greener look.

In another TikTok, a woman and her mom created a DIY tulip-carrot centerpiece inspired by one she saw at Whole Foods. She added toothpicks that actually place the tulips inside the top of the carrots, making them look like one plant. How cute!

This last-minute, budget-friendly display is sure to be a hit in your home, whether you’re repackaging existing flowers, or making a quick Trader Joe’s run.

How are you decorating for the season?