This TikTok-Famous Coffee Brand Just Launched Their Own K-Pods and We’re Obsessed

published Dec 14, 2022
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Chamberlain Coffee Family Blend Coffee Pods - 10 Pack
Credit: Chamberlain Coffee

In this new social media era, it seems fame is more attainable than ever. While there are tons of amazing kitchen products that have skyrocketed to stardom (we’re looking at you, Always Pan) on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, there’s also some pretty cool people out there making waves on the internet these days. Take Emma Chamberlain for example. The social media star’s newest claim to fame? Coffee. If you’re unfamiliar with Chamberlain Coffee, well, let’s just say Insta is not gaslighting us on this one.

The caffeine-oriented brand specializes in accessible, easy-to-brew coffee (and tea) that’s sustainable, freshly roasted, and absolutely delicious (their cold brew bags totally transformed my summer mornings into blissful, scrumptious sipping rituals, BTW). They carry a number of different beverage-brewing options, including coffee beans, matcha, chai, instant coffee packets, cold brew, and an all-new (and uber-exciting) launch: coffee pods. Think: K-Pods, but completely compostable and carbon-neutral. Your interest is piqued? Me too.

Here’s the deal with these brilliant Keurig-compatible little pods of joy: They’re filled with a bold, medium roast blend of coffee grown in Nicaragua, Colombia, and Guatemala and roasted in California. The coffee combo is the fan-favorite Family Blend (it’s also available in bean-form) and is dynamic and balanced. It features juicy, bright notes from fruit combined with the velvety, rich notes of high-quality dark chocolate. The blend was the site’s very first bag of coffee and the flavor upon which they built their brand, so you can trust that by popping one of these pods in your brewing system, you’ll be sipping on a barista-worthy cup within seconds.

Unparalleled flavors aside, another reason to get ready to fall in love with these vibrant little caffeine carriers is how they’re paving the way toward a more sustainable coffee future. Crafted from a patented, plant-based plastic replacement, the pods are entirely compostable, ensuring they won’t contribute to the over 13 billion single-serve plastic pods that wind up in landfills or are burned annually. Pretty cool, right?

Each box contains 10 pods and is on sale right now for just $14.40 — that’s $1.44 per cup! If that isn’t cafe-level coffee for a total steal, I don’t know what is. The cost and flavor should be more than enough incentive to give this 10-pack a go, but with the added environmental benefit, I mean, how could you not order some? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go click “add to cart” myself!

Buy: Family Blend Coffee Pods – 10 Pack, $14.40 (normally $16)