Our Place’s Sitewide Sale Includes the Mini Always Pan, Plus Their Newest Must-Have Kitchen Launches

published Nov 10, 2022
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It’s no secret: The Kitchn team loves Our Place. And when I say loves, I mean loves. Between our experiences with their Ovenware Set, our discovery of the Cast Iron Always Pan, our reliance on their Chef’s Knife, and our devotion to many, many other non-negotiable pieces, we undeniably attest that the brand has truly mastered both style and functionality when it comes to kitchenware. And, as different members of our team try out new pieces, I think they’d all agree with me when I say that our infatuation for the innovative essentials brand just continues to grow.

And, while we truly do believe that investing in quality cookware and tools is a game-changer when it comes to spending time in your kitchen, we recognize that some of the Our Place favorites have a hefty price tag. So, if you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy, allow us to be the bearers of good news: That time is now! Our Place is offering up to 30% off fan-favorite pieces as a part of their annual Black Friday sale from today, Nov. 10, through Nov. 24. That means you can score coveted pieces, grab an MVP gift, or maybe double up your purchase for a discounted price. Trust us — once you get this stuff into your kitchen, there’s no turning back. Here’s what we’re adding to our carts pronto.

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Our Place
was $145.00

The Always Pan was created to handle an impressive eight different cooking tasks, including frying, sautéing, steaming (courtesy of the included steamer basket), searing, braising, boiling, and more. And, it doesn’t hurt that it’s gorgeous enough to leave out on your stove or use as servingware. This multipurpose tool (which now also comes in a mini version) is also made with a super-safe nonstick ceramic coating that has yet to wear out in our repeated use. We also love the subtle, ingenious touches such as the modular lid that can trap and release steam and the two easy-pour spouts on the sides of the pan.

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Our Place
was $165.00

Of course, Our Place has also wowed us with their other showstopper, the Perfect Pot. This do-it-all pot functions as six different cookware pieces, including a Dutch oven, sauce pot, roasting rack, steamer, strainer, and braiser, plus a spoon rest. It’s lightweight and can hold 5.5 quarts, making it perfect for big batches of soup and stew (If you're looking for a smaller option, check out the recently released mini version). It also has a modular lid for locking in and releasing steam, in addition to a very handy straining feature. It’s even oven-safe up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and has the same smooth, nonstick capabilities as the Always Pan.

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Our Place
was $155.00

If you’ve been hesitant about owning cast iron, Our Place has gone out of their way to make sure this Cast Iron Always Pan is as user-friendly as the rest of their cookware. It has a matte-black enameled surface, so you get the best of both worlds: high-performing cast-iron that's also easy to clean. In fact, we'd go so far as to say the pan feels like a hybrid of a cast iron pan and a nonstick skillet that easily achieves gorgeous sears and can bake beautifully bake. Plus, you won't have to worry about pre-seasoning or stuck-on food that can come with traditional cast iron.

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Our Place
was $125.00

The nonstick, ceramic-coated pan replaces your sheet pan, cookie sheet, griddle, roasting pan, and single-use parchment paper. You can throw it in the oven to bake cookies, roast a chicken, or crisp up leftover pizza. Put it on top of your stovetop (it works on electric and gas) and use it as a griddle to whip up pancakes, bacon, and crispy eggs. Oh, and did we mention it’s also deep enough to bake cakes and focaccia? It comes with a silicone oven mat that’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, which, like the pan itself, is oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. If you've been on the search for a multipurpose pan that also functions as a gorgeous serving dish, look no further.

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Our Place
was $260.00

What's better than the Always Pan? A duo that includes the internet-famous cookware and its minature sibling! You'll get all the benefits of the fan-favorite pan but in two versatile sizes. Think of these eight-in-one cookware pieces as your new kitchen BFFs. Between the two sizes (10 inches and 8.5 inches) you'll be covered no matter if you need to whip up a quick breakfast for yourself or a main dish for the whole family.

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Our Place
was $160.00

What better way to introduce yourself to Our Place's new tableware than with this do-it-all Starter Set? Available in four single hues and two multicolored options, if you love the way the Always Pan looks on your stove, you'll find yourself floored by the way these beautiful bowls and plates elevate your dining table. But, these stunners do a lot more than just sit pretty: Each piece is oven-, microwave-, fridge-, and dishwasher-safe. With clean lines, high-quality materials, and versatile applications, there's no doubt this stellar set would double a one great gift.

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Our Place

A favorite amoung our team, this gorgeous cooking essential works even better than it looks. This easy-to-grip, 8-inch blade is super sleek and easily slices through anything with its premium German stainless steel. You'll find yourself grabbing the tool for anything from cubing cold butter to slicing a tough spaghetti squash in half and mincing onions. We've noticed that even after months of daily use, the blade hasn't dulled and the handle remains comfy to hold even when tackling big cooking projects such as holiday meals.

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Our Place
was $35.00

You're almost guaranteed to use this ingenious take on a splatter guard daily if you do a lot of pan-searing, shallow frying, or sautéing. The Fearless Fry has a stainless-steel interior for a sturdy design and a silicone exterior for easy cleanup. Unlike a traditional mesh splatter shield, this handy tool only requires a simple swipe of the sponge to clean. We love that you can fold just one side back to stir while you cook without having to remove the entire piece. And, while it’s custom-designed to work with Our Place cookware, its versatile size means it'll probably fit over a skillet you already have at home.

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Our Place
was $55.00

Seriously upgrade your drinkware with these stylish Our Place Night + Day glasses that'll appropriately hold any beverage. Each glass is hand-blown and made of recycled glass. Their versatile size is designed to hold water, cocktails, wine, juice, or a scoop of ice cream. They're also stackable to save you precious cabinet space. Choose from the six colors or shop the multicolored sets for a tablescape of elegant rainbow hues.

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Our Place
was $300.00

Complete with two of our go-to Our Place favorites (the Always Pan and its cast-iron sister) there's no doubt you'll be able to tackle just about any cooking task with this stunning duo. Between the two pieces, you'll eliminate the need for practically all other cookware, minimizing your kitchen clutter and making one-pot meals especially effortless. Both are compatible with gas and electric stovetops, easy to clean, and beautifully transfer from stove to table. What more could you ask for?

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Our Place
was $40.00

This cutting board is not only fulfilling a daily kitchen need, it’s also serving up some serious looks. In five signature Our Place hues, the 100% recycled board will add a touch of magic to any countertop lucky enough to be graced with its presence. It’s double-sided, making for easy, hygienic meal prep; it has non-slip edges so it’ll stay firmly in place as you slice and dice; and it has a specially formulated textured surface that conceals knife marks and keeps your blade sharp. It's just the thing you need with all those holiday meals up ahead, if you ask us!

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was $45.00

We love an add-on that makes the fan-fave Always Pan even more versatile. Just lay the nylon holder onto the rim of your Always Pan (or Perfect Pot!) and let the flexible, colorful silicone baskets hang out in boiling water until your eggs are cooked to your liking. Because the baskets are perforated, your eggs will cook evenly from all angles, so you can say bye to overcooked whites forever. Plus, once you’ve indulged in your yolk-centric breakfast, just pop all the parts of this Egg Poacher in the dishwasher and you’ll be good to go the next morning!

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Our Place
was $25.00

Our Place beat us to the pun with this one, but we’ll say it anyways: These multifunctional snippers are shear genius. Your new turn-to for snipping, stripping, trimming, de-boning, box-breakdowns (check out that little arm on the back of the handle that’ll slice through packing tape effortlessly), and more, you can rest assured these funky things will stay seriously sharp no matter what task you challenge them with. Plus, their rounded, soft-grip handles make for precise cuts as they give you ultimate control over the stainless-steel blades.

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Our Place
was $235.00

This limited-edition set is composed of the editor-favorite, cast-iron Always Pan and an every-cooks-dream, handcrafted Moroccan Tagine in a timeless black glaze. The Tagine traps moisture and results in unbelievably succulent meats and veggies, and the skillet, well, it’s a do-it-all essential that should live on your stovetop no matter what kind of cook you are. The duo’s interior is coated with a matte finish that works to achieve a perfectly caramelized crust or a golden sear. It’s easy-to-clean, compatible with all stovetops, and a complete head-turner.