The Small Cookware Brand Our Editor-in-Chief Loves Just Dropped Two Pieces That Are Perfect for Tiny Kitchens

published Sep 22, 2022
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Caraway launches Mini Fry Pan and Mini Sauce Pan
Credit: Caraway

There’s no doubt that you’ve run into Caraway one way or another. Whether you’ve encountered the stylish, nonstick brand on your IG feed, in a friend’s kitchen, or on our site, chances are you stopped in your tracks to take a peek. The new wave kitchen essentials brand surely knows how to make one heck of a head-turner, and as professional kitchenware testers, I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone on our team who isn’t blown away by the functionality and design of these pieces. Between a sauce pan we use day in and day out and the all-new launch that has us ditching our electric kettle, one thing’s for certain: we love Caraway.

So, understandably, we often find ourselves refreshing Caraway’s home page hoping a new product pops up and makes our week. The brand granted all our wishes by dropping mini versions of not just one, but two of their best-selling cookware pieces. Yup! You heard it here first folks: Today, Sep. 22, Caraway is launching a Mini Fry Pan and a Mini Sauce Pan. Consider our week — no, our whole month — made!

Both pieces are constructed with the same top-of-the-line materials and technologies that make the brand’s essentials so special. We’re talking about an aluminum (aka lightweight) body covered in PTFE-free, ceramic-based nonstick coating. Both the Minis are available in all eight of the hues Caraway offers across their site. Plus, the storable Minis are both compatible with all stovetops and good-to-go in the oven up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. No matter how you cook in the easy-to-clean pieces, you can rest assured they’ll do a stellar job at every task for a long, long time (trust us, we’ve been doing daily cooking in Caraway’s pieces for a while now).

Caraway crafted these multi-functional pieces in response to consumer demand, which we totally understand! Not only are the essentials easy to stow away in smaller kitchens (we’re looking at you, college students!), they also make for less dishes and a more size-appropriate option for smaller households. Just imagine how easy it would be to fry up a couple of eggs in the Mini Fry Pan, or to use it for simple sautéed greens. And the Mini Sauce Pan would do wonders for grain dishes (Cheesy Tex-Mex Rice anyone?), blanching a batch of veggies, or handling a single serving of soup.

Bottom line, whether you’re cheffin’ it up for a family of five, or you live alone, these Mini pans will not go unused. In fact, we think you’ll find the gorgeous multitaskers never leave your stovetop, even if they could effortlessly find a place to park themselves in your cabinets. While you can purchase them a la carte, why not get your hands on both and make your cooking experience that much merrier? Small but mighty, these two Minis prove that good things truly do come in small(er) packages!

Buy: Mini Fry Pan, $85, Mini Sauce Pan, $105