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The Sleek, Splurgy Stovetop Kettle That Challenged My Loyalty to My Beloved Electric Model (Bonus: I Got You An Exclusive Discount!)

updated Apr 3, 2023
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Credit: Caraway

Soon after moving to London years ago, I couldn’t understand how I’d gone my entire life without an electric kettle in the kitchen. I immediately started using one multiple times a day just as my British roommates did, whether for cups of tea, making coffee in a French press, or boiling water for pasta (it seriously cuts down on time!). These handy small appliances boil water much more quickly than a stovetop version, and you can usually pick up a budget-friendly option without sacrificing performance if you’re not too fussed about getting your water to exact temperatures.

I thought I’d sworn off stovetop kettles for life — and then I had the opportunity to test out the extremely sleek new Caraway Whistling Tea Kettle. This splurgy item ultimately showed me that there’s something luxurious about the ritual of filling a kettle for my nightly cup of tea that I just can’t get from my utilitarian electric kettle. The best part? Caraway is currently running a discount, plus you can save an additional 20 percent by shopping through our exclusive link. (The extra discount appears once you add the kettle to your cart!)

Caraway is a beloved brand among Kitchn editors, whether we’re using the hype-worthy saucepan or nonstick fry pan every single day. Like the rest of Caraway’s cookware, the tea kettle is made from their signature lightweight, ceramic-coated stainless steel for quick boiling. Its classic design also means that it’ll match any Caraway pieces you already own (or even another cookware set you might have). What’s more, it comes in seven highly coveted shades we love.

I was enamored with this kettle as soon as I took it out of the packaging, loving the smooth lines and simple design. I couldn’t believe how cozy it made my otherwise unexciting kitchen look as soon as I put it on the stove. I appreciated the thick handle and was surprised by how lightweight it felt despite its two-liter capacity. It can actually hold twice the amount of water as my electric kettle but somehow manages to still look sleek and compact — a major plus, especially if you are serving hot drinks to multiple people.

Credit: Erin Cavoto

Another feature that I’ve found makes a surprising difference when it comes to functionality is the large opening on top. Many stovetop kettles have smaller holes on top that make it awkward to clean and sometimes annoying to fill. The wide diameter of the Caraway kettle opening allows for very easy cleaning because your hand can fit comfortably inside, and I’ve never had an issue with filling it up.

Ultimately, I genuinely enjoy putting this kettle on to make tea before bed. I love the intentionality of filling it and turning the burner on, waiting until the soft whistle signals that the water is ready. I was even surprised that it doesn’t take much longer to boil than my electric kettle. The electric kettle took three minutes to boil four cups of water, while this stovetop kettle took five. And when pouring the boiled water into my mug, it’s clear that the Caraway kettle’s water is much hotter, as it gives off way more steam. The handle, when used with the included pot holder, is comfortable and never feels too heavy or difficult to pour. While I still call upon my beloved electric model for making French press coffee or boiling water quickly for pasta night, I appreciate the slower option when it’s time to unwind.

The drawback of this kettle, however, is the steep price, even when compared to top brands like Le Creuset and All-Clad. However, if you’re already a fan of Caraway’s attractive designs and gorgeous colors, then this kettle will be the perfect complement to your home. Or if you’re a tea aficionado looking to treat yourself to something special you’ll use every night, this is the kettle for you, too. Even better? Gift it to the tea lover in your life.

Buy: Whistling Tea Kettle, $156 (normally $195)