11 Tea Brands You Need to Know About

updated Nov 2, 2023
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Pouring tea on a teacup on a wooden table
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Pouring Tea On A Tea Cup

Did you know that tea is the most popular beverage in the world? Second only to water, the beverage is enjoyed by billions daily — and when you take into account the benefits of tea, it only makes more sense. Having been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, in recent years, studies have shown that tea (which is rich in polyphenols) can help offset the development of certain chronic health issues, making tea not only a delicious addition to your day, but a smart one. But with so many brands on the market today, it can be hard to know which ones are worth the sip and which you should skip. Below, we rounded up 11 of the best tea brands, from small artisanal brands we can’t get enough of, to supermarket staples well worth the hype.  

Do you have a go-to tea brand that we missed? We want to hear all about it. Tell us about your favorite tea brands in the comments below!

When it comes to tea, Bigelow is one of the most recognizable brands in the world — and one of the first created especially for the American palate. Founded in 1945 by Ruth Campbell Bigelow, Bigelow is a family-owned brand that “changed the game” with its iconic Constant Comment tea, a tea whose blend hasn’t changed in 75 years! With dozens of flavors to its name, it’s one brand you can’t go wrong with.

A newer player in the tea game, VAHDAM is one brand any serious tea drinker needs to have on their radar. The brand sources its teas direct from farms in India, meaning you’re getting the purest product around and one guaranteed to be packed with tons of flavor. Whether you like herbal tea, chai, or blended tea, VAHDAM’s got a pick that’s sure to become your next go-to bag.

I don’t know about you, but anytime I can’t sleep, I reach for a classic cup of Sleepytime Tea from Celestial Seasonings. The brand has been making their beloved blends for over 45 years and with over 105 varieties to choose from, it shows no sign of slowing down. After all, who doesn’t love a constant?

While this next one may be an Irish staple, Barry’s has quickly become a favorite of tea drinkers around the world. Known for its delectable Irish Breakfast and Gold blends, the brand dates all the way back to 1901. With over 100 years of tea excellence to its name, you can trust it to be a good cuppa. Oh, and I should also mention: It’s my go-to cup in the morning!

If there’s a tea you’ve likely had before, it’s Lipton. A staple in many people’s cupboards, did you know that the brand was the first to start selling tea in bags? Its black tea is a beloved pick, and perfect for anyone looking for a classic cup of black tea at an affordable price. 

With over 150 teas to its name, DavidsTea is a brand made for tea lovers, by tea lovers. Founded in 2008, the brand has become beloved for its signature blends, consciously sourced product, and one-of-a-kind tea accessories that make it the ultimate tea paradise.

Looking for tea that feels like a gift? Then you’re going to want to check out Tea Forte. The brand is home to dozens of delicious loose-leaf teas that are only made better with its unique pyramid-shaped, pre-portioned tea bags designed to make enjoying typically finicky loose-leaf teas much easier. 

For an interactive way to discover new teas, join the Atlas Tea Club. Each monthly box comes with loose leaf teas sourced from farms around the world and includes a postcard of the origin country as well as notes on flavor and steeping. You can customize the subscription by choosing between three tea types — green, black, and caffeine-free herbal — or get a little bit of everything with the sampler pack.

This next one is for my matcha lovers. Another personal favorite, Jade Leaf is home to some of the best matcha on the market today. The brand sources its tea leaves from organic farms in the Uji and Kagoshima regions of Japan, AKA the matcha capitals of the world. Whether you’re looking for ceremonial grade or a sweeter, latte blend, the brand has a matcha you’re sure to love.

Fans of DavidsTea are sure to get excited about this next pick. Founded in 2021 by  David Segal (yes, of DavidsTea) and Shopify co-founder Harley Finklestein, the brand is home to a selection of unique blends curated by Segal himself, one of its popular being the delectable “No Ordinary Joe” — a must even coffee lovers can’t get enough of.

Looking for no-fuss, organic tea? Then you’re going to want to check out FGO Organic. Home to dozens of varietals, their teas are certified USDA organic and come packaged in tea bags made from hemp fiber for a more eco-friendly footprint. Aside from their conscious production, their flavors are, simply put, fresh and delicious.