15 Simplehuman Solutions Our Editors Love for a Clean and Clutter-Free Kitchen

published Mar 22, 2024
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If you’re looking for high-quality kitchen cleaning products that won’t have to be replaced in under a year, simplehuman is a great place to start. The brand’s mission is to “bring high-performance innovation to basic but essential tasks in our daily routine,” and if how frequently editors purchase and recommend their products is any indication, simplehuman certainly delivers.

I can personally vouch for many of the products on this list, including the voice-activated dual compartment sensor trash can that made a packed home with children a breeze to keep clean. The 55-liter Rectangular Step Can was my first “grown-up” (see: not cheap plastic) kitchen trash can, and we also have a black Round Step Can in both bathrooms at home today. I even used the popular plastic Compact Step Can in the bathroom at my old apartment for years before passing it on — in excellent condition, might I add — to my little brother when he moved into his first apartment this year. Aside from the trash cans we’ve had over the years, my family also has simplehuman’s rechargeable Liquid Sensor Pump stationed at the kitchen sink for hand soap, a double X-Frame Hamper in our laundry room, and Odorsorb Pods to keep nasty trash smells from taking over the kitchen.

That being said, I’m not the only editor who’s fallen head over heels for simplehuman’s long-lasting home organization and cleaning products. From sink caddies and dish racks to shower organizers and plungers, here are all of the tried and tested simplehuman products that editors love so far!

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The space-saving Slim Sink Caddy holds up to four standard sponges or a small brush, and the combination of the wire ledge hanger plus four suction cups keeps it locked in place. "This caddy is such a smart solution for storing kitchen sponges with ease. It fits conveniently inside the side of your sink to help store your dish and cleaning sponges neatly and takes up very little counter space," says executive lifestyle director Charli in her review. "It’s truly a gem, especially for under $20, that anyone who wants to make dishwashing time just that much more convenient and stress-free will also love."

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When it comes to drying dishes, Simplehuman leaves the competition behind with its attention to detail. Not only does the Steel Frame Dish Rack have a sloped drip tray to keep water flowing into the sink, but it also has an anti-residue coating to speed up drying time and prevent buildup."I love that it’s got a wide, flat base that can easily balance overturned bowls, mugs, and glasses without risk of them tumbling down and is hefty enough to handle the nights when I’m tired (but powering though) and just pile in a mound of freshly washed plates, pans, and utensils haphazardly," says contributor Stella in her review.

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The sleek Slim Step Can has a capacity of 5 liters, and although shopping writer Nikol empties it every week, she says it could go much longer without needing to be emptied. Bonus: It has a discreet built-in liner dispenser and removable interior bucket for easy empties and bag replacements! "Aside from how functional the trash can is, I couldn’t be happier with how it looks. I opted for a two-pack of the white color, which matches pretty much everything in my apartment: the walls, doors, toilet, tub, sink, etc.," says Nikol in her review. "But most of all, I love my trash cans' narrow design and small footprint, which allows them to sit out of the way, even though I use them throughout the day."

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"Until I snagged the Paper Towel Pump, I was using a dinky little metal rod situation that I picked up for a buck at IKEA when I moved into my place. That meant I had to hold it steady every time I wanted to rip off a sheet, and it still ended up tearing and unraveling all the time," says senior commerce editor Ian in his review. "With the Paper Towel Pump, the solid base and tension arm put a stop to both of those things, with just enough resistance to tear off one sheet at a time with one hand." This ingenious invention lets you keep your paper towels and surface cleaning spray in one spot without taking up excess counter space. The spray bottle that hides in the middle of the paper towel holder is refillable, so when you do have to wipe down your countertops you can do it with your favorite cleaning product.

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In addition to being made of sleek stainless steel, this Rectangular Step Can has a hidden compartment to hold trash bags and are designed to not show excessive fingerprints. “It’s hard to go wrong with simplehuman,” says editor Britt on this list of The Best Kitchen Trash Cans You Can Buy Now. “I wouldn’t call this a small trash can, but it is wide, which isn’t a bad thing! It can hold a lot of trash, and I love the slow close feature of the lid that prevents it from slamming. It’s really stylish, durable, spacious, and a really good fit if you’re looking for a high-quality trash can that doesn’t get knocked around easily and won’t fall apart or break down after a few months use.”

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Sometimes foul trash is just too powerful for the bin it’s in, but fortunately, workarounds like the Odorsorb Pod exist. The small capsule contains natural oils that discreetly help to neutralize odors in your trash can. The pods are plant-based, contain no harmful chemicals, and keep your garbage bin stink-free for 45 days. "I love that you can use the Odorsorb Pod with any trash can with a lid — even if it’s not from simplehuman. They’re compact and portable, and did a great job of keeping foul odor contained in my trash can," reads this editor review.

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Designed to conveniently mount on the side of a simplehuman trash can, the Compost Caddy makes discarding food waste simple and efficient. It also keeps the smells contained so they aren't wafting around your kitchen. "I feel good recommending this caddy because I’ve owned the same simplehuman trash can for nearly a decade now. I know this caddy will be a staple in my kitchen for just as long," says contributor Taryn in her review. The Compost Caddy is available in three colors, and can also be used freestanding for meal prep or countertop storage.

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If you prefer your recycling bin to be just as convenient as your trash can, this simplehuman step can has compartments for both side-by-side. It also has a wide steel pedal, a soft-close lid, and liners that will keep your bags from slipping. "I love the step feature — it’s honestly the smoothest step I’ve ever used — so I can easily throw things away if my hands are full," says contributor Ashley in her review. "I also love that the bin has a built-in bag dispenser. I’ve thought about becoming the type of person who keeps extra trash bags at the bottom of the bin, but I always worry about what will happen if the bag leaks."

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Make washing your hands fun with Simplehuman's rechargeable motion sensor soap dispenser. You can fill it with soap and place it by the kitchen sink, or fill it up with hand sanitizer and place it by the door for when you're on the go. You can also adjust the amount of soap dispensed by putting your hands closer or further away. “I love the self-dispensing simplehuman soap dispenser," says contributor Stella. "With its sleek design, it streamlined my countertop, and I love that I’m reducing single-use plastic. The scent of the soap that comes with it is subtle, and there are loads of other refill options to choose from. It works great to clean my constantly saucy, garlicky, oily hands while I’m cooking. I also love that it’s rechargeable — no batteries needed.” Bonus: A full charge lasts up to three months!

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Available in four finishes from white to polished stainless steel, this 4.5-liter Round Step Can makes a durable addition to any small space, such as a bathroom or home office. Engineered to last over 150,000 steps, it features a slow-close lid, fingerprint-resistant silver ion coating, and inner liner baskets made from recycled plastic.

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There's never a bad time to up your hamper game, especially with a hamper as sleek as this one from simplehuman. Available in two colors, the X-frame design is not only super stylish, but also makes the hamper very sturdy. "The laundry bags are stain-resistant, odor-resistant, and surprisingly deep. I didn’t realize how large they were until I began throwing bed sheets into them and noticed they didn’t fill up immediately," says this editor review. "For simplehuman’s first-ever laundry hamper, they knocked it out of the park!"

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Available individually or in a bundle with an equally stylish toilet brush, simplehuman's Toilet Plunger takes bathroom cleaning and storage to the next level. It's made with a magnetic collar that secures the plunger to the cover so you can conveniently carry it without dripping toilet water on the floor. The plunger was also built to work with a variety of toilets, regardless of when they were made. "This plunger is designed to work not only in older toilets, but also in newer models with different hole shapes," says contributor Shifrah in her review. "I can also vouch that this plunger is well-made and will stand up to years of use without getting stuck or torn."

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With over 1,000 purchases per month, the six-liter Round Bathroom Step Can has captured not only the hearts of editors, but shoppers, too! Sturdy and durable, this trash can features a strong pedal, removable inner bucket, and a round shape that makes it easy to tuck into a corner of your bathroom, home office, or other small space.

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If you're not able to hang an organizer in your shower, then simplehuman's universal tension shower caddy is the perfect solution. The caddy comes in two sizes and can be extended or compressed to fit your shower size. You can also adjust the height of the three shelves, which come with two hooks and a spot to store your razor. "I love this organizer," says contributor Nicole in her review. "It’s decluttered my shower (no more bottles on the floor!) and after over a year of use there are no signs of rusting. It’s definitely on the very high price end for shower caddies, but I find it totally worth the investment."

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This might be the most high-tech trash can around. Not only does it have motion sensors, but it's also voice activated, so you can open and close it without moving a finger. You can also store a pack of liners inside the trash can for easy access, so you never have to worry about changing the trash bag again! At 58 liters, this modern marvel is best for large homes and families. With its hands-free design, you can multitask like a pro without trash or recycling slowing you down.